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    I'm already hormonal and moody, but I do notice that the phen increases the emotions and anxiety if I am having a bad day. I completely agree with the bored thing though, I'm ALWAYS bored now.
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    Big time mood changes the first couple of weeks. Almost too scary. I was either a phen maniac or extremely depressed. Now it has evened out. I do take prozac with it and not sure if that may be what is helping. I think it will get better. At first it was so bad, I would stay on it a couple of days, go off one day and back to a couple of days and now I take everyday. Good luck

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    Exclamation Mood.

    Hi all, I took Phentermine before (last year) and lost a good amount of weight and managed to keep some of it off. However, ever since I started my vacation I have gotten lazy and usually do not go out and exercise as I should.

    I have gained almost all of the weight I put off back

    Now that I started taking it again (yesterday) I have noticed rapid mood changes. One minute I'm the happiest woman alive, the next minute I'm furious and feel "bored" often. For some reason I get bored easily now that I'm on Phentermine and don't find a thing to do because everything bores me. I wish I could just stay in the "happy" mood and not have my mood go up and down so frequently.

    Is this happening to any of you? If so, have any of you tried methods to stay in a stable or "happy" mood? I love the happy feeling and wish it could just stay like that, but the next minute I feel miserable I hate it soo much. -sigh-

    Any of you have any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it if any of you have advice for me!! Thank you.

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