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Thread: Miralax?

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    My 14 year old had to take it twice a day back in December/January when she had major intestinal problems as a side effect of Accutane. I guess if a 14 year old can take it 2x a day, then once a day for an adult should be OK?

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    I take it ... but maybe weekly, sometimes ever 2 wks.

    Go to their website and read that fine print.

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    I have never taken it, but we were just talkng about it on another thread. How much do you take? How many times a day? I need a solution in that department myself. I know my friends pedeatrician told her it was OK for her to give it to her 4 year old son on a daily basis, so I'm guesing it's OK, but I'm no expert.

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    Default Miralax?

    Howdy all! Just curious if anyone else uses miralax on a daily basis. I've been using it for quite some time now and it helps out a lot! If I don't take it, well, you know what happens. I was wondering if there is danger in doing this. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

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