Anyone stop phen just so you can overeat...?
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    Katie, I am glad you addressed the emotional aspect of losing weight. I think that is why I sabotage my diet, scared to lose and deal with the change. I am finally getting over the emotional slump, has not been easy.

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    I don't need tos top phen to overeat , I can overeat anyway.

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    I don't stop taking it to over eat either. I did take a day off though when I woke up not feeling very well......I ate a little more than with the phen but really tried hard to keep my calories does feel good to eat special treats though! The other day I rewarded myself with a blizzard from DQ YUM!

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    No, I don't stop my Phen just to overeat, I can do taking my Phen just fine.

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    the frist time i was on phentermine, i'd take it for 6 days then have a free day... i lost 20 pound in 3 months doing this, which is great since i have pcos. well, i had to go off of it becuse my pcos flared up and i changed birth control. what do you know, i gained 16 pounds back. i started phen again thi past week, so i'll see how it goes. my regular doctor wants me on it for 4 weeks and off for 2. i hope i can be strong!

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    Even if I don't take my phen, I still really full like halfway through something. But while it was my TOM, I did eat two skinny cow ice creams and a popcicle and a string cheese...all in like an hour lmao.
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    I did on 4th of July. I didn't binge, I just ate what I wanted. The next day, I felt sick, so I didn't take phen. By late afternoon, I was starving! I was making dinner and trying not to binge, but I did, a little. Then on Sunday, I just forgot to take it. Wow, there is such a huge difference when I don't take it. Again, I just ate what I wanted. I didn't binge, I was trying to "practice" for maintenance. I kinda wanted to see what it would be like once I was thin. Sounds silly, I know. I took phen on Monday and it's back to weight loss!

    It scares the crap out of me to be off phen. If I could hardly control myself for 3 days, how am I going to do it for the rest of my life? I think maintenance will be so much harder than weight loss

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    Default Anyone stop phen just so you can overeat...?

    The past month I have been repulsed by the THOUGHT of feeling full...but 5 days ago something happened...I forgot to take my phen...and I ate donuts...I figured since I already did that I would just take a day off my diet. Well, I binged which is no big deal cause I allow myself 1-2 days per week to be "bad". But since I didn't take the phen that day, I got REALLY full. I missed feeling like that--it `felt ` made me happy. Today I took my phen and I feel fine. I started to get alot of attention since I lost weight. Even my dad (that lives nextdoor) didnt recognize me at a 711 this weekend. I thought I would like the attention....I don't. I'm scared to change. The phen is making it happen so fast and I thought I wanted that. My emotional issues aren't changing as fast as my physical...
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