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Thread: Still feel fat?

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    Like InSearch, my weight gain was fairly recent...after giving birth to my boys, and having to stay home all day, 7 days a week with them. I became a hermit, depressed and stopped caring about myself and my appearance. Then one day I saw a picture of myself taken at my SIL's Christmas party...that was my wake up call to lose weight.

    My weight loss has been on and off so many times that I sometimes still see this 'fat girl' in the picture. I know one day she'll fade away, but I don't think it will be any day soon.
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    I suprised at myself. I think I will always "feel fat" the other day I was at target and I walked by a mirror and I asked my husband..."Is that REALLY ME?!?" ...
    I've got arms and legs on my body...

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    i can't see it until i look at pictures, but even the pictures look the same after i look at them for a minute. yesterday i wore a pair of my favorite pants that are too big for me now, and i felt ridiculous every time i got out of the car and had to pull my pants up, roll em over, pull my shirt down...only for them to start falling when i walked. how could that be?! i just bought them three months ago and they were SNUG. i really knew i had issues with my self image when the lady at the department store asked me if i was in the wrong section when i was looking for a plus size bathing suit. (i told u guys that story, i know)

    i don't think i'll ever be satisfied. when i started this thing at 202 i was just dreaming of being 160ish.....this morning i was 167 and i'm nowhere near happy. :::sigh:::: who knows!

    4-2-08 202.2 lbs SW (began b12/lipo shot 1 a week - no phen)
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    5-28-08 177.6 lbs
    6-04-08 176.8 lbs (stopped the shots. trying it on my own)
    6-16-08 175.6 lbs (went back to the shots today!)
    7-9-08 170.6 lbs (slowing down, but still going down!)

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    same ole me

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    Silver Phenster tinabean's Avatar
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    I will always be that " Chubby" girl in the back of my head! Actually I really don't want to lose her. Why? Because she keeps me "In Check!"

    I still have a hard time shopping for clothes. It's been over a year since I started losing weight. I haven't needed to shop in the Plus size now for over 7 months.
    I still feel anxiety when I am in the smaller size section. It's kind of like I'm in the wrong group, or the wrong crowd. Like am I really a member here??

    But then I go into the fitting room try something new and skimpy on and say
    "Hell--O"! I sure do- LOL

    Good Luck to Everyone!

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    My weight gain is fairly recent, so until I got the courage to actually step on the scale, I had no idea how much weight I put on AFTER the birth of my daughter. I was soo depressed and hopeless that I NEVER looked in a mirror. It was not until one day last fall I took the train downtown and realized that I was "spilling over" into the seat beside me. I was devasted.

    Now that I have lost 50lbs, I occasionally take a peak in the mirror but I still see the fat girl on the train. I look at my closet full of size 6 clothes and think how am I ever going to fit back into them???

    I think a lot of my dissatisfaction stems from not being happy with where I am in life. am hoping in time that I will be able to look in the mirror again and like what I see.
    HEIGHT 5' 10"

    CW 232.2

    Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can! ~Arthur Ashe

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    Diamond Phenster Band Mamma's Avatar
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    Lately the image in my head has been really fluctuating. I'm thin- I'm fat-I still need to lose more belly-my arms look the same- why do my calves look so big- I never realized how big my thighs are- you're getting there- you're looking good- you just have to wait until your brain catches up with your body, etc....

    I was looking at clothes in Goodwill the other day and I had to stop for a minute to readjust my mental image. Every pair of shorts I looked at seemed way too small until I paused to remember they just might fit.

    I'm trying to stop looking in the full length mirror at all for now because I'm going on vacation next week and I'll be in a swim suit a lot. I don't want to feel fat, I wanna feel how far I've come in the last year.

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    I have been thin for all but the past 5 years of my life except for some puberty chub and a tiny bit of chub in late high school. I have been on drugs and been toooo skinny, unhealthy. My highest non pregnant weight was about 185. I have ALWAYS felt fat my entire life. The funny thing is when I went up to my highest weight, I still had some days that I'd get ready and look in the mirror and think, I'm not bad, I look pretty good. Other days I am disgusted and feel like a monster. And I think, how could I possibly think I look okay now when I wasn't even 'thin' enough at 120lbs?? Even a few months ago when I had lost down to 145 with WW I still thought I am so fat!! I feel sad that so many people have this problem in this day and age...I think for me it's really about learning to love myself because I know I didn't before. Maybe I'm starting to learn and maybe that's why on some days I think I look alright. Another thing is that when I walk around shopping or whatever, around other people, in my mind I still look like I did before I gained weight, and then I think, I wonder what I really look like to other people? I must drive my husband crazy sometimes when I'll be like, (pointing at some woman) "Am I her size?"
    Last edited by momkat; July 10th, 2008 at 12:29 AM. Reason: forgot something
    Started Phen 7/2/08
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    Height: 5'5"

    1st Goal: 164 by August 1st (-10lbs in 4 weeeks) MET! 7/19/08
    2nd Goal: 149 by September 28rd (-15lbs)
    GW: 135 by Christmas 2008

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    People keep making the "crack" suggestion to me and saying... you lose any more weight your gonna be all skin and bones... I can see your freakin bones now!!!

    I look in the mirror and i hear the call of the wild.... like hello elephant! I have been super big for the past 8 years.... How can i relearn my image of myself in my head??? Its dang near impossible! I mean seriously... how far will i go before i can stop and say.... maybe you should eat a chesseburger or three....
    Nikki - Looking to divorce, my BIG OL' BELLY!

    2/05/08 - 252 lbs (the evil truth)
    6/28/08 - 202 ON MY OWN!!!- Life after Phen

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    I'm in that boat, mainly I think because I'm just starting............but I think I'll be happy once I meet my goal. I don't think I'll ever be stick thin, I'm just not built that way. I just wanna be happy with what I see in the mirror, i dunno we all have our good and bad days.

    Highest Weight 196
    Lost 50lbs on Phentermine + WW
    Gained 15lbs 8/09-2/10
    Started HCG 2/19/10
    3/19/10 Down 20.6lbs
    Currently on Phase 3 of HCG Diet
    Staring Phase 2 again 4/9

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    It really depends. In my mind I am thinner than I look. But then I look in the mirror and it shocks me at how big I am. Then there are days that I look in the mirror and think, wow, I'm starting to look decent. I guess it just depends on how I "feel" that day.
    Weight before Phen 175
    SW - 170 (started Phen 4/15/08)
    CW - 160 (4/29/08)
    CW - 152 (5-22-08)
    CW - 147 (6-9-08)
    cw- 133 (9-28-08)
    CW- 125.5 (11-13-08)
    CW - 123 (12-20-08)
    GW - 120

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    Question Still feel fat?

    I went to this weight loss surgery support group with my mom tonight. And the moderator was talking about how she still felt fat after she lost over 150lbs and that is a big problem with people losing weight. It made me think..I mean I've never ever been thin before, so all I've ever seen myself is as fat. People tell me that I look great & that it looks like I've lost weight, but I just can't see it. Anyone else dealing with this?
    The proof is in the pics!!! <3

    Starting over again!!!!

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