A Little Discouraged
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    Sounds like you may have hit your first plateau. You are on the right track. I like the ideas given above. Changing something to shock my body is what got me past plateaus. Good luck!
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    Your body is probably still recovering from the shock of losing that fast. I lost 23 my first month and then for 2 weeks my body sort of stopped. I think it went through an adjustment, but I stayed on the pills, kept up with working out, and Nikki's right drink enough water to fill a pool (ok not really that much more than a gallon but less than 2 a day is good). If you don't see any results with that, then I would talk to your doc.

    Honestly, I know some people have better results with one pill vs. another, regardless of one being stronger, but I'd really first try the other stuff and see what happens.

    good luck!
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    Hi Doughboy305,

    Momto8 said it best. Change your routine if you haven't already. If you are doing everything the same, you may have hit a plateau so add some variation. Now turn that frown upside down! You can and you will do it!! Go team go! Or in your case, Go Dough Go! By the way, you kicked bunns losing 34lbs! You still got it in you to do more. Have you thought about taking up tap dancing? You'll be amazed at how many calories you will burn. Ha! Ha! Just kidding. Just wanted to cheer you up.
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    dude you have lost 34lbs in a month. it took me almost a year to lose that amount! that is awesome. you may be at a stand still since you lost so much that soon. but the 37.5 is stronger. good luck and don't give up.

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    Normally if your stuck you should drink enough water to fill up a tank at sea world... and then literally pee out the fat. True story.... sounds stupid... but water carries out broken down fat. If you don't see a drop in a week.... then hit up your doctor.

    PS.... Water logging minus bread/starchy items is a super cleaner
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    I think you should go back to the doctor firs and let him/her know that you have seen better results with the ones you had prior. I hope everything works out.

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    No probably not..37.5 is actually a stronger pill.............sometimes you have to change the way you eat occasionally, to Boost the loss again...........do some high protein/ low carbing...with carbs only coming from veggies and the occasional fruit..no breads and count your calories.........................................w atch the salad dressings and fat...do lean proteins and see if that helps.....................and tons of water...............if you are going to the gym add cardio to weight lifting.....you could be losing inches and building muscle...
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    Unhappy A Little Discouraged

    well i started on phen 30 mg 4/29/08 my weight was 264 an i loss 34 lbs as of june 26 an i ask my pcp to write me a ** for phen he did it was 37.5 now Ive taking for like 2 1/2 week an I'm still at the same weight I'm still going to gym an eating the same but still not losing any weight i have 11 pills should should i go back to 30 mg
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