My confession...
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    i know that's hard. it's so easy to say don't drink, but it's no fun being the only sober one! and i don't know about your friend, but if one of my friends had asked me to quit drinking and do something else back in the day i would've been like yeah right! unless she's overweight, too? if she is, and you can convince her to be your weight loss buddy she might go for that. i know i was ALWAYS willing to start a new diet without much persuasion. then, you guys could hang out, watch movies, and munch on 100 calorie popcorn packs instead of drinking lol!

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    find something else to do with your gf besides drink! get a wii (pool your money if you have to) then you can wii all night with wii fitness and instead of stuffing your faces, you are burning calories. Or come up with challenges for each other like who can do the most.... (crunches, sit ups, push ups) or who has the fastest time.... (running to the next block and back or riding your back to the closest station and back) Race each other to the liquor store or SOMETHING!!! Come on girl, you can do this. You have come so far, don't start looking back now. Make her a part of the solution instead of feeling that you have to eliminate her!
    Get thin and God Bless! Gina

    I swear I'm trapped in that body somewhere!

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    Find another way to enjoy your gf time!!!!

    You can do it ... just get right back into the swing of things.

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    Girlfriend you sound like me. I love to kick it with my friends, but I have had to watch it because if I drink I eat. I have went so bad as to go to taco bueno, waffle house or what-a-burger late in the night. So I feel you though. Try to cut your friend down to weekends fri/sat. Another thing I do is avoid as much as possible mixed fruity drinks (ritas) and do rum and diet cola. I wanted to go to the "L" store last night for an evening nightcap but I thought about how I would be mad at myself the next day and how much longer it would take to reach my goals. You can do it! But I love my cocktails that has been THE hardest thing for me!!

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    You can do this!!!

    Just take a breath and get your self will be good!!!!
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    Default My confession...

    I've been kind of hiding for the last week and a half because I've been slacking. My best friend moved back in town and I am so happy but I also know I am going to start having to use SELF CONTROL more often now because she is my party friend. After everyone is asleep in our houses she comes over and we party by ourselves until early morning. I do pretty good all day when it comes to food, but on those nights of drinking I BINGE and I BINGE HARD, I literally AND I MEAN I GO TO SLEEP IN PAIN BECAUSE I HAVE STUFFED MY FACE. I know it is the alcohol because if I dont drink I dont eat, but when I drink I FEEL LIKE I AM STARVING!!! If I don't party with her, I wont eat anything in the middle of the night! I NEED TO STOP, but I dont know how to tell her and while....I like it too....not the eating but having the girl time.
    Not only that but also about a week and a half ago I stopped my daily routine of one hour a day on my bike. Yesterday I tried it out again and all ready I feel out of shape! With the past holiday weekend and our temperatures that our reaching 107 plus humidity I just can't seem to motivate myself to exercise! I NEED TO GET BACK IN THE GAME!!!!
    I dont want to fail again, I need help, I need motivation!!!
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