I am back on phen
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    Default thanks

    Thank you girls,,,

    I'll take the multivitamins and see if it helps....

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    Counting Calories is what works for me also. YOu can take a multivitamin and see if that helps. Plus make sure you get PLENTY of water in. GOOD LUCK
    7lbs to goal
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    Good luck! I counted calories & tried to stay around 1200. Some days I ate more if my workout routine was intense. When I first started phen, I also suffered with being tired. I had no energy & didn't even workout the first 2 weeks. Thank goodness that subsided & I went back to working out 4-5 days a week.

    To answer your question, cardio is great, but it won't hurt to add a couple of days of strength training in your workouts.

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    Thumbs up I am back on phen

    I stopped taking phen, it was making me feel verry tired, i did not see any changes but 5pounds in 3 weeks.
    I went to a new doctor, the last one never mentioned that i could take vitamins, so i am back on phen , today is my first date after almost a month.
    Any other recomendations? other than takin vitamins hehhe...
    is cardio the best way ? any ideas on what diet works better, at lest for you..

    Thank you all, It is always good having you guys around and helping, honestly you guys are the only support for me on this.
    Every one else just judge me and never helps.


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