What workout routine works best for you??
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    Don't be afraid of lifting weights girls!! It will help you lose inches, build muslce, show definition, and firm up like no diet or cardio exercise can. The focus needs to be shifted from the number on the scale, to the way you look and feel and what size clothes you wear. I only dropped 2-4 lbs over the past 6 weeks, but went down another clothing size. Works for me!! Oh by the way, I have been certified as a personal trainer for the past 8 years.

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    im very fortunate... and very demanding.. and my hubby aims to please lol... i have gym membership and i would not trade it for anything in the world.. i was really nervous when i signed up cuz i was afraid i would quit then there would b 53 dollars a month commin out of our account for NOTHING cuz u do eithere 6 mts -53, 1 yr is 46 or 2 yr sign up is 39 my gym kicks butt though... its awsum i LOVE it

    we have womens only room, HUGE main floor workout room, free weights, weight machines, elliptical, tredmil, rowin, bikes, some other kinda bike lol, ski machine, slider thingy, workout balls, med balls, they have 7 diff aerobic classes that come w/ membership that are offered at different times and days, racket ball, wallyball, boxing, palets, personal trainers, hiphop dance, daycare, water aerobics a HUGE pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi i LOVE IT im tellin ya lol they even have family swim on sat u can take ur kids and hub for FREE

    sooo this is ironic cuz i just ask hubby today.. i did the 6mt and was likesooo at end of aug... what we gonna do u gonna let me sign back up.. heheh he was like uhmmm welll which one u wanna do 1 or 2 yr.. i told him 1 yr this go rounD i said cuz i really enjoy workin out.. i HONESTLY do.. its ME time time to focus on ME not him, not kids, not chores, not bills just ME!!!!

    sorry so long..!!

    i do abs EVERYDAY, cardio EVERYDAY @ least an hour, legs and arms i rotate days, i do @ least 2 aerobics classes a week and i try to swim on saturdays... i work out 6 days a week and i really really really love it lol

    ive actually been joggin here lately ive been proud... when i first started i could only jog for like (this is pathetic) 30 secs lol... and i was outta breath... tha reason i say pathetic cuz i never thought id let myself get that way... and now i can jog/run for about 8 mins w/o stoppin soooooo im really proud of that.. when i was 15 i could run a mile in like 9mins and 20 sec..... and now well yesterday which i didnt run tha WHOLE time and i wasnt really runnin i was joggin ... it still took me 14 mins to do a mile... which BLOWS but on the eliptical i can do random setting, at level 5 or 6, going 69-73 rpms and do a 10:04 min mile yay ! lol... but its alot easier on liptical

    okay didnt mean to make this a book i need sleep! gl 2 yall!
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    I love my FIRM workout DVD's. They incorporate cardio and weights in one workout. They also have just cardio or weights as well. I can really see a difference in myself when I stick to them!

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    I go to the YMCA about 3-4 times a week. Usually 2 times for hour long water aerobics (LOVE it!) then another 2 times for cardio/weights.

    For my cardio I do 30 mins on the elliptical at intervals. I usually go about 2 miles and burn about 350 cals! Love that machine!
    I do about 25 lifts with 30 lb weights for my back and shoulders, then another 75 (different positiions) with 5 lbs weights, 100 crunches on the yoga ball, lots of stretching and walk a 10 min half mile for cool down.
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    6/17/08-263 BLOATED! Blah!
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    Right now I'm not able to afford a gym membership, because the gym that I would like to join (a ladies only gym) requires a contract, and is kinda expensive.

    We have a track in the city that is 1.5 miles long. Alot of people walk it everyday, and it is in the nice part of the neighborhood, where I feel somewhat safe. I don't like walking when the sun is out. I like to go around sunset.

    I started out walking around once, and did this for a week, then I tried 2 laps. Boy was I sweating! I feel so out of shape though,because like 60 year old couples walking together pass me! lol! I'm only 23! This past week I have been jogging for as long as I can, which generally means about 30 seconds, a few times per lap to get my heart rate up.

    I recently invested in an mp3 player (my 1st one), which makes walking so much easier! It is actually FUN to me!

    I would LOVE to be able to run one whole lap without feeling like I'm going to die. This is my goal that I would like to reach by December.

    I am worried that when school starts again, (August) that I won't have as much time to walk consistently. Also, the weather is something to think about.

    OH WAIT!!! I have an elliptical machine sitting right next to me! Silly me!
    I don't like using it because I always get distracted, telling myself that I need to clean my room or do laundry, or check the message board. lol.

    Right now I am focused on shedding some weight before I start to tone or do any weight training. I might take a couple of hand weights to the track next week though. But then I will not be able to carry my water bottle.
    Sorry I am rambling. I took my phen later in the day, and I have been sick, so I have taken WAY too much Sudafed today. lol

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    Default What workout routine works best for you??

    I was just wondering what kind of workout routines everyone was doing and how hard y'all were pushing yourselves. Where you started and where you hope to be in six months as far as your physical fitness.

    I am big into weight training. If I don't jiggle when I move, then I feel good at whatever size. I usually alternate between arms/shoulders, legs/hips/thighs, and abs/back on different days of the week. My core area is the slowest to build muscle and the fastest to heal from soreness, so I've started this week trying to do abs/back every day and just alternate the other two. I use 3 lb weights for my arms and 15 lbs for my shoulders and back. I want to build up to 5 lb weights and 20 lbs by Fall. I'm doing mostly bicycle crunches for my abs b'c I read on Fittv websites and links that those are rated the best non-machine workout for your core. Softball season is slowing down which is where I was getting most of my cardio, so I'm looking for something fun to do to take its place. I don't mind walking on the treadmil, but I would rather be in the sun (not the heat) and feel more energized by what I'm doing. I'm trying to get my hubby to take up playing tennis with me. (neither of us can play, but it's really good exercise) Right now I would say I push myself (on a scale of 1-5, 1 being a slow, leisure, not really in the mood work out and 5 being a grunting, sweating, on top of the world work out) around 2 or 3 maybe... I'm trying to push that, I wanna be doing around a 3 or 4 consistently atleast 5 days a week.
    What about y'all???
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    Mini Goal: 170lbs by my Vegas vacation in August

    Final Goal: 150lbs

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