Double Chin Exercises
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    that's interesting, but for me at least i've always lost weight in my face first. the double chin was the first thing to go this time around. is that not true for most?

    4-2-08 202.2 lbs SW (began b12/lipo shot 1 a week - no phen)
    4-9-08 193.6 lbs
    4-16-08 190.8 lbs
    4-23-08 188.0 lbs
    4-30-08 185.6 lbs
    5-7-08 185.6 lbs
    5-14-08 181.2 lbs
    5-21-08 178.8 lbs
    5-28-08 177.6 lbs
    6-04-08 176.8 lbs (stopped the shots. trying it on my own)
    6-16-08 175.6 lbs (went back to the shots today!)
    7-9-08 170.6 lbs (slowing down, but still going down!)

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    I am going to add mine ...

    Say your vowels But exaggerate them. Do it anytime ... all the time, works wonders.

    There once was a wonderful poster here by the name of momof2crazyboys and she confirmed this saying people that are in physical therapy are told to do this as well.

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    Interesting stuff! Thanks a bunch!

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    Default Double Chin Exercises

    Before we start on the double chin exercises, it is a terrible truth but the double chin is due to fat deposits. The chin is just another handy place for the body to store fat.

    The main muscle we are concerned with in these double chin exercises is the platysma, responsible for the downward movement of the jaw and corners of the mouth.

    A major thing to consider when regarding double chin exercises is posture. Good posture will impact on every part of your body; this in turn will allow double chin exercises to be more effective. Remember to keep you head up, but not unnaturally so, when you are standing or sitting, this will gradually strengthen the throat muscles and they will become more taut over time.

    A simple double chin exercise that you can do every day without any effort at all is just before you go to sleep at night. Lie on your side, and then as you put your head on the pillow, tilt your head back so that you stretch your neck.

    Remember gently is the key and only at an angle that is comfortable. At no time should there be any discomfort. During the night your body will relax, but over a period of time those few minutes every night before you go to sleep will make a difference. Gradually you will find that tilting your head back will become a part of your sleep pattern.

    Hardly a double chin exercise, but none the less very beneficial is the chin slap, yes the one you see the aging actress do in the movies! Just slap under your chin with the back of your hand, starting slowly and gently, then increasing speed. do this for a couple of minutes each time and two or three times a day.

    Here are some more double chin exercise that you can do every day. These you can do at any time, but as with any exercise, a routine is preferable since you are less likely to forget, and you will make time for something you do every day.

    Stand comfortably. Slowly raise your head from your chest and tilt it back as far as possible. Do not strain. Close your mouth tightly so that your feel the neck muscles stretch. Count to ten and relax, bring your head back to normal. Start by doing this exercise once or twice a day than gradually increase until you are doing ten a day.

    Stand comfortable with your head at a natural angle. Open your mouth wide and put your tongue out as far as possible. Count to ten and then relax. Does this as many times as you comfortable can, again building to ten.

    Stand comfortable with your head at a natural angle. Bring your lower lip- up as far as possible, count to ten and relax. Repeat ten times.

    Stand comfortable with your head at a natural angle. Pull your chin upwards so you feel your muscles stretch. Count to ten and relax. Build to ten.

    Sit upright, then tilt your head back as far as you can manage, now open and close your mouth several times feeling the muscle stretch each time.

    These double chin exercises have better results if you do them regularly, twice a day if possible. However because they are so easy, you can slot the odd extra exercise in at any time. Waiting for the kettle to boil or the printer to finish printing, these are good opportunities to slip in a couple of quick double chin exercises.

    To keep the skin on your neck supple, moisturize daily with cream, skin toner or essential oils. When applying oils or cream remember to use gentle massaging motions, and always stroke upwards towards the face.

    Double chin exercise are especially important if you are following a weight loss programme, because as you gradually shed weight the exercises can help take up the slack in loose skin. A sensible diet and exercise will soon have you looking trim taut and terrific.

    Exercise the muscle called the platysma whose function is to pull down the corners of the mouth and pull down the jawbone. Open your mouth wide, and then pull up your bottom lip over your bottom teeth. Move your jaw up and down as if you're trying to scoop something up with it - imagine the movement of the shovel on a digger scooping up earth or debris on a building site. Perform ten repetitions of this exercise each time, and again do this two or three times a day.

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