Cloths in smaller sizes
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    oh goodness i do! we have this 10 dollar store in the mall where i worked and it was stocked up on jeans last summer so i bought a couple pair that only now are close to fitting lol.

    i also bought a pair of jeans about a size and a half smaller than what i am... but i loved them so much i had to exchnage them for the size that fit. so i went up a size which was still snug,but they fit now woo!

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    i don't do it only cus i still have no idea how i'll be shaped when i reach my goal. since having kids my body has changed SO much. i have some old a skirt that is a size 8 that i've held onto! but i don't see myself ever wearing it again cus i have cellulite now, and it's short. instead, i just plan on going on a shopping spree when i get there!

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    I do! But only if they are on sale. I KNOW I will get to wear them soon.

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    I am swimming in my 10's and 12's and refuse to buy anything smaller until I KNOW I will be there and STAY

    Congrats!!! Keep it up. Everyone uses different motivation!
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    try this website ...

    Zafu . com

    for best fitting jeans

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    Guilty as charged! I'm a jeans addict and can't pass up a good deal. I have trouble finding jeans to fit because i have no hips like a junior but my waist doesn't get as narrow as most people either so if i buy them to fit the waist they are huge in the hips and thighs and if i buy them to fit the hips and thighs they give me a muffin So I have found that some lucky jeans and some BKE jeans both from the buckle fit me well while coming in misses sizes but are if i'm at ROSS our another discount store and find a pair of this brand that are cute and close to my size i buy them anyway because they'll fit and this time it will be sooner rather than later...I even try them on every couple of months as motivation to see how close i'm getting


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    no.. i haven't bought any clothes smaller than what i wear but everytime i visit my mom, she has a new shirt or a pair of jeans, or something that she can't wait for me to fit in lol
    she was on phen before i was and her sucess was so great she inspired me to use phen. she went from a size 12 to 6 literally in a heart beat!
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    Default Cloths in smaller sizes

    Before I started on this weight loss journey, I was a size 18. Less than a month into it, I have gone down to a size 16 and might be able to fit into a size 14 by next wk.
    But I have stocked my closet up with size 8 and 10 cloths all summer. my niece thinks I am crazy for doing that. When I showed her and her friend that came to visit me a lovely maxi dress (size medium) I bought recently, her friend asked me who did I buy the dress for. I told her I bought the dress for myself and I will wear in a couple of months.
    who else buys cloths in sizes way too small than they wear now?
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