A lil disappointed
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    Do feel bad about gaining after workouts. It's very, very common. Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll start to notice a difference, even though we ALL like to see the results on the scale.
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    You should also measure inches because I am sure you lost inches and not so much weight. What happens is that since you're working out 3 times a week you are gaining muscle. Muscle takes up less space than fat. Therefore you lose inches, but can stay the same weight. Don't get discouraged! Keep on working out it'll only help you out in the long run! The more muscle you have the more it'll burn fat away while you're sleeping, etc.

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    Yes, that is true. My trainer told me that when you lift weights, your muscle fibers tear. Your body retains water to help repair them. When I started lifting weights, I gained 3lbs, and it stayed there for 3 weeks! But it's worth it. Muscle looks so much better than fat! And it helps with metabolism too

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    Dont worry, that happened to me as well. I gained 3 lbs and this week I actually worked out ALOT and did more than I usually do. Very upset myself. When I got on the scale I was like.... THATS NOT right!! But yea, It was. Not sure what the deal is. Someone told me once that when you work out your muscles are inflammed and retain water? not to sure if that is true.....

    Good luck!
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    Default A lil disappointed

    Ok, so i went to the gym 3 times last week . I weighed in today and was up 1lb. (199)
    I refuse to believe this but what can i say. Im disappointed but im gonna stay focused and keep on keeping on. I wanna make excuses as to how maybe she didnt weight me right, maybe im full of water whatever. The nurse was even like "did u have ur shoes on?" and She offered to weight me again without them. I declined and decided that it is what is. Anyway, im gonna kick but week. So wish me luck.
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