OMG...I feel so wretched!!!
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    Okay so I was thinking a little bit about this. Before you used a different generic made by a different lab...correct? Well...since the current script is from a different lab, then maybe, you might have some side effects again because of whatever they use to bind it all together or whatever. Give it a few more days and those side effects should be gone! Make yourself do the exercise anyway, because you will feel muuuuuucho better!

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    it sounds to me like you really want this want to wear that do yourself a favor and get cranking on what you have to did it before youc an do it again.
    I did it!! Reached goal and have been here for quite a while thanks to low carb eating and working out like crazy! Phen didn't work for me, but that isn't to say that there aren't other ways. God bless all of you!

    [Obsession is the greatest form of flattery.........

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    Hang in there! You can get through this.

    Just keep thinking of your goal.

    Let us know how you are doing.

    Take care.


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    When you don't feel like doing it is when you SHOULD do it. You will feel so much better after you get a good work out in and then you will be so hot you will want to drink your water again. WIN WIN! and you can WIN! September is so close and you have 16 lbs to go. Can't you almost taste it and feel it slipping in your fingers? Don't let go of it! Get your butt off the couch (or computer chair in this case) and go for a brisk walk to get you started. That will help even out your system and get blood flowing. Then you will feel good enough to get a quick work out in before you head off for your afternoon activities! You can do it girl!
    Get thin and God Bless! Gina

    I swear I'm trapped in that body somewhere!

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    Default OMG...I feel so wretched!!!

    I've taken Phentermine on two separate occasions over the past two years, and had great results with it. I lost 30 pounds and had little or no side effects. I have been off of it since February, but just started again on Saturday for a little maintenance. (Word of caution here: two cruises in a month=10 pounds!)

    I have felt absolutely TERRIBLE the past two days! Headache, nausea, YUCK! I seriously don't remember feeling this bad in the past. I honestly don't think I can bear another day of this, I don't feel like drinking my water, I really don't feel like working out, I honestly don't feel like I can go to work tomorrow if I feel this bad.

    Someone please give me some encouragement...I want to wear a bikini on my anniversary vacation in September!!

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