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    I have bad acne. I recently started using cetaphil, which is a cleanser, and my face has been clearing up pretty well. You can get it at any drugstore. I got mine at walmart. It is not a soap, but a special kind of cleanser. It doesn't look like it would clean your face, but it really does. I think I was overusing acne washes and products.
    Have you been excercising? If so, you might want to consider washing your face before and after, because the sweat can clog pores. Your body may be adjusting to your diet changes, as well. Just a thought.

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    I had acne all thru my teen years, and then got cystic acne, in my 20's and 30' I'm in my 40's and no acne......not even from the phen. My daughter has horrible acne, all over her face..........I feel so sorry for her having to deal with it, at 13.........I'm gonna have her try some of these things you ladys listed here. Are there any side effects from the ZINC??? I guess I should google it, and see........
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    i too have had acne since i was probally 12 years old, i'm now 24 and still have problems. BUT i think i have finally found what works for me and it's not expensive so give it a try different things work for different people.
    1. wash face with sulfer bar soap (found it at dollar general in the ethnic section)
    2. witch hazel astringent (most drug stores have it just ask)
    3. clinique yellow moisturizer with tea tree oil added to it (tea tree oil is at drugstores but they put it in odd places so just ask)
    4. daily or several times a week Queen Helene Mint Julip Mask (drugstores and sally's beauty supply $4.99 or less) this mask is the most important!!!

    I still break out some during TOM but for the first time in my life I actually have days that my face is clear.


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    I have started getting acne as well since I started the Phen in mid-May. I went to a dr. this weekend to get a consultation on microdermabrasion and PVL light procedures because of my aging face! They work with acne as well and said that since it was due to medication it should go away quickly once the body adjusts. They suggested washing your face morning and night using an acne face wash (suggested neutrogena) and using a good moisturizer in the morning and especially at night to keep the skin hydrated. They also suggested using a good quality sun block moisturizer that is not coppertone, etc. when outside as they have additives that can actually cause acne! I used coppertone all the time! Of course they sell some good stuff but it was very expensive and I have opted to go to a beauty store and find something with a high SPF.

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    The thread was from dmisty. It works wonders!

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    I have not experienced this, but there was a thread regarding acne and treating it with apple cider vinegar. You can do a search to find it and read more about it. Hope it works for you.
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    Default Zinc

    In the recent years, it has been found that acne and Rosacea are tightly linked to zinc deficiency. Zinc is one of the most important minerals in the body. It helps in many of your bodily processes such as cell growth and reproduction, wound healing, hormone regulation, protein metabolism, free radical protection, reproduction, and many others.

    Zinc Supplements for Acne
    Zinc is abundant in many food sources such as meat and poultry, sea foods, whole grains, oats, beans, nuts, dairy products and pumpkin seeds. However, the thing about zinc is that many factors in your body can prevent zinc absorption. Only about 30 to 40% of the zinc that you intake actually gets absorbed by your body for use in different functions. As such, there is always that chance that your body gets less zinc than is needed.

    The good news is that zinc supplements are available abundantly over the counter. They exists as oral, topical, tablet or capsule form and are sold as zinc gluconate, zinc picolinate, zinc sulfate, zinc oxide and zinc amino acid chelate forms. What's more interesting is that these zinc supplements are effective for the treatment of acne.
    Zinc and Acne: Zinc Clears Acne
    If you currently have outbreaks and zits all over, you may use zinc supplements to alleviate what you are going through. Zinc can help heal your blemishes, reduce the inflammation, and reduce the androgenic effect of hormones on your skin. Thus, if you want your pimples to heal faster, taking some zinc supplements may be a good idea.
    Best Form of Zinc for Acne
    There are two widely used forms of zinc supplements for acne that you can choose from: zinc gluconate and zinc oxide. Zinc gluconate acne. Research studies have shown that taking about 200 milligrams a day orally (corresponding to only about 30 mg of effective zinc) is effective in reducing acne inflammation due to zinc's action on inflamed cells and granulocytes. Zinc oxide for acne. Topical application of acne on the affected areas can reduce the production of sebum and oils on the area and can accelerate the healing of your zits.

    Chelating zinc for acne skin is seen to be more effective in terms of zinc absorption. Vitamins are usually absorbed by our body easily, but when it comes to minerals such as zinc, there are many factors in our body that seem to interfere with zinc absorption such that only about 30-40% are effectively utilized. The word 'chelated' means that the zinc mineral is combined with an amino acid to enhance better absorption. Chelated zinc forms are usually more expensive, but it is of course more effective than regular zinc forms

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    Yeah I get it too, if you use a really good clay mask and leave it on there over night and moisturize moisturize MOISTURIZE!!!!

    It will get better, just take care of that skin and keep it clean and moist!

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    FIrst of all, I have to tell you about my skin....I have never had clean clear skin. I always had multiple pimples, but nothing globular-cystic-like. HOWEVER,I started taking phentermine last monday at 30 mg once a day and a day later, I noticed I got severe acne in the areas where I normally break out...i.e. jawline, chin and cheeks. These rarely become whiteheads, just sort of small and big cysts. it is disgusting and it is definitely the worst I have ever had! I didn't assume that Phentermine could be causing this, since I have also been on my period for the past couple days that I noticed these bad breakouts. I just assumed it was because of my menstrual cycle, but I definitely think it has something to do with me on Phen now because it is so bad, it kind of scares me...I don't want to stop taking Phen, but I don't want to have this acne, or have this be a warning of a serious side effect. Is increased cystic acne a serious side effect of Phentermine? My doctor never mentioned it. I have no other side effects by the way, just the terrible skin on my face.

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