Phen causing IMPOTENCE??
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    Well, with most of us women it turns us into nymphomaniacs....I guess it has the opposite effect for you guys....

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    Thats weird. I just know this **** because between a hard case and a stone. I want both but apparently i cant have them both. Thanks for the response.

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    I had the same problem when I started using phen.
    After my dr. prescription ran out I ordered from a ******************, and
    I found that the phen worked well and the "finishing way to fast" thing just went away.

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    Question Phen causing IMPOTENCE??

    To get straight to the point. I am a 24yo Male who as far as now hadn't had any problems nor complaints about my sexual life. I had been sexualy inactive since I started Phen, I have been on it now for a little over 2 months.

    I started taking the 15mg, then the 30mg, now i started about a week ago the 37.5mg ADIPEX.

    Since i became sexualy active 2 weeks ago, i've had a little problem of not lasting to long. Its like if i would be way to sensitive and just finish way to fast.

    Now this is a great, huge problem for me because i have 2 choices. Either stop taking it which yet i havent reached my goal or keep taking it and definetly create a problem with the persom im in, not to mention im not to happy about it, not even in the mood to keep failing.

    This is for the man out there taking this, has this happened to you? Is there a way to help this situation without havnig to stop taking Phen?

    Anything at this point would be helpfull not to mention greatly appreciated. Thanks

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