Losing pounds but not inches
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    Freeweights are always best. As you could tell, machines do some of the work for you. If you are looking to tighten and tone your muscles (lose inches) then do a light weight and lots of reps. For example, use a 5 pound weight and do 3 sets of 12 or 15 with about 30 seconds between reps. If you are looking to build muscle (bulking up) then do heavy weights and a few reps. For example, a 15 pound weight and 1 set of 12. The difference is in how you are working and tearing your muscles. So your friend is right, do a light weight freeweight and lots of reps. Remember when choosing a freeweight you want to work your muscle to fatigue. So by the time you are on the 10th rep (if doing a set of 12) it should be very difficult to lift the weight.

    Hope this helps.

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    hey there. I was a kinesiology major at USF for the past 2 years (yea, it was awkward being a fat girl studying to keep people healthy and fit) so I know that they always stress doing cardio AND weight training in order to see results. A good way to do it is 6 days of cardio (recommended 30 minutes) and 3 days of weight training (alternate upper body and lower body) and then one day off.... so that means that 3 out of the 6 days you are working out you will do both cardio and weight training. If you do this you will see the inches come down considerably. In high school (when I use to play water polo and swim every day) and I trained like this, I was 150 lbs (which is considered to be overweight for my height) but I only had 25% body fat (which is considered to be healthy). All the muscle you will be replacing with the fat that you are losing if you weight train will totally make you see a difference.

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    Default Losing pounds but not inches

    I measured myself maybe a week into starting this lifestyle change to drop pounds. That was the end of May. Just measured myself (I do so every few days) and everything is the same, except my waist measurements, of course.

    What's going on? I'm down to 179. A couple of people have noticed, and over the past few days I've noticed I look smaller when I look in the mirror and I feel smaller (except for today). Is it possible to lose pounds but not inches and the loss not be water weight? It shouldn't only be water weight if I'm exercising, sticking to my calories and drinking tons of water, right?

    My fitness-y friend says maybe I need to up my weights (meaning doing more) and then I'll see the inches start melting away. Anyone know if that's true? I was doing the machines at the gym but have recently started doing mostly free weights (and a couple machines). I definitely feel the difference - with the machines it felt like i wasn't really doing anything, with free weights, I can feel it.
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