Newbie post - This stuff is great!!!
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    We are glad to see you here!!!!! Much success to you on your weight loss journey!!!
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    I have low blood sugar issues too and it's hard. I forget to eat or either I don't really think about it and then I feel really bad by the time I finally eat. The sleeping issues went away for me in about a week. Welcome and good luck!

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    Default Newbie post - This stuff is great!!!

    I was a bit skeptical about weight loss w/Phen/diuretic/B12 but it has been great! I just started Wednesday and have lost 5 pounds! I know most of that is water weight, but STILL! I am also amazed at how little I was hungry yesterday. Holidays with my family of good cooks is always difficult. I ate part of a small burger and a few pickles and that was it! I didn't really eat anything for supper yesterday because I wasn't hungry. I only ate something because I could tell my blood sugar was low.

    I did have trouble getting to sleep last night though

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