TOM & those done having kids, FYI
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    You know....I started menstrating when I was 13! My FIRST period lasted 3 SOLID months! NonStop bleeding. Cramping, blood clots, pain, was terrible. I wouldnt know if I would start up again in 1 day or 6 months! Seemed that nothing worked. I ended up going to the DR to get pregnant the first time. After delivery I never had a period (after my initial delivery bleeding) well 10 months later, they said I was pregnant again! (WHAT WITH NO PERIOD????) Well I had my second child. Then the saga continued, heavy months of bleeding, nothing seemed to help. Well my ex and I only wanted two and we had one of each. We ended up divorcing! I ended up going in and having a full hysterectomy at 23!!! Well, that was 13 years ago. I am SO happy I do not have to deal with all that monthly CRAPOLLA. The only time it bothered me was when my new hubby wanted a child and I wanted to give one to him. We wanted to raise a child together. He loves my older two children dearly! Well if you have ever heard the saying "if there is a will there is a way!" Well, we ended up having a surrogate mother and we now have a 3 year old ANGEL! She is the light of EVERYONES eye!!!! I would never change my mind about having my hysterectomy. I only regret it about 3% of the time!
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    Default response

    I had a tubal also and noticed after is when I gained all the weight . I was use to being 130 all the time and then within 5 months went to 175 I have never been that much the doctors all laugh when I tell them this but I never changed a thing I did but get the tubal. I have not been able to get phen and I am upset about the weight gain.

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    Post I had this done

    Hi I am new and wanted to respond to this topic. I had this surgery in 1993 It was an out patient surgery. Recovery went smooth, had some cramping but I ended up haveing a hysterectomy a year later. I have been on hormone replacement ever since.

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    i got my tubes tied when i had my son because i had a c section. so, i figured i would just go ahead and get it done while they were in there! i really only wanted one child, but now i have a boy and a girl and that's perfect for me. i got my tubes tied, and my periods are a lot worse since having it done. i heard that it happens, but i never had bad periods. they were always reeeally light so i wasn't too worried. i was wrong! they are so much worse now.

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    So does your body still produce eggs then? What happens to the eggs if so? My husband is supposed to be going to go get fixed because I'm terrified of surgery, but we'll see. And its not like a hysterectomy, i know, but you don't have to have any kind of hormone replacement therapy?
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    I had the surgery done. Mine was done in Oct of 2000. I have not had a period since. My recovery was like heavy cramping from a period. I didnt have a choice with my surgery. I would have periods that would last for 2-3weeks and then not have one for 2 mths. No doc could ever figure it out why .. But I have always had the thought that this is the reason I have a hard time loosing weight. I tried everything before Phen and nothing worked. But I can tell you that my gyno informed me that a lot of docs wont do that procedure anymore. Hope that helps some.
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    I was given that option since I'm on blood thinners the rest of my life. When I got pregnant with my youngest(he's now 8), I was told that I could terminate the pregnancy, risk getting another blood clot and/or risk dying during birth. As you can tell, I chose not to terminate the pregnancy(that's him in my avitar with me), but I did get another blood clot. I was 'fixed' while having the c-section to have him. I'm still thinking about having this procedure done...let's face it, periods S*CK!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melinda00 View Post
    how bad was recovery and what about scaring? im interested. my husband has been getting fixed for three years now. i dont see him doing it
    I am interested too. My husband has been "looking into it" since the birth of my son who will soon be 3. Since then I have had another baby .
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    We do those in our office and recovery is not bad at all. The only reason I don't have one is because a pill works just fine for stopping mine except for this one instance. You are right though, not all people have the same experience and we have some patients who start having regular cycles again.

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    how bad was recovery and what about scaring? im interested. my husband has been getting fixed for three years now. i dont see him doing it
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    Default TOM & those done having kids, FYI

    Please don't take this the wrong way, but I really feel for all of you suffering with TOM.
    Let me say, I have 4 kids. When I was younger I wanted more, and as I've gotten older, 4 seems like 40! I have 2 beautiful girls, and 2 beautiful boys. After the last one tho last year, I decided enuff was enuff. We almost died in delivery, and that was good enuff for me.
    After that whole ordeal, since we decided we weren't going to have any more kids, I decided to get "fixed", for lack of a better term. hubby said he would since it was easier, but I said no.
    Instead of just getting my tubes tied, I had a uterine oblation done. They cauterize the uterus so you have no more periods! I figured no more kids, no more periods. It has been WONDERFUL!
    Some people have not had the luck I've had, but most have. It was worth it! I still get some of the PMS symptoms, but not as many.
    Just so you know-a little more info than you probably want-my periods were HORRIBLE! I would be very heavy for anywhere from 7-14 days. Then I'd go 4-6 weeks before the next round. I never knew what was going on and neither did the docs.
    I now attribute alot of my PMS symptoms to being overweight; when you are overweight your hormones are off thus contributing to the severity of problems. As I lose, they stabilize a bit more, and aren't as bad. I still retain some water, and once in a while have some mood swings. If I can put those 2 together about the same time, then I chalk it up to TOM?!
    Just thought someone might want to know.

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