Your greatest accomplishment.
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    LMAO at Band Mama! So far, my greatest accomplishment is giving up fast food! I don't even want to say how many times a week I used to eat fast food (let's just say way too much). I haven't had any fast food since the end of May (other than Subway a couple of times). Oh yeah, another one: becoming a gym rat. At first I was afraid to go to the gym (thought I'd be laughed at, the germs, the men) but now, if I don't go, I feel depressed and off for the whole day. I love going to the gym now.
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    My biggest weight accomplishment has to be considering what I am going to eat rather than just grabbing and eating like I used to do. Now I consider my choices and results of such before I eat anything. I tend to analyze my food and food choices more now.
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    For me, it's figuring out that there are other things to do when i'm bored besides eating. Oh and getting into my favorite sexy shirt again. woot for the halter top!
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    Not having to clean my plate. I am slowly learning that just because it's there does not mean I have to eat it to be finished. It sounds strange, but it is freeing to me to know this.
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    I'm not really big on food, but I love potato chips! Yesterday my friend had a party and I only ate a hand full of chips and I didn't want anymore!!!!! I would normally eat an entire bag by myself. Phen is my new DADDY!! LOL

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    My greatest weight loss accomplishment is moderation. I can eat until satisfied instead of till stuffed. I can eat something sweet and (most of the time) have the clear headedness to get the rest of it out of the house before I tell myself a million reasons It should stay here.

    Today though, my biggest accomplishment will be not screaming at the top of my lungs at anyone. Why is it that I can feel the exact moment PMS hits full force but I cannot make it tone down enough to be civil that day? Every month I think "THIS is the real reason they would send women out of the villiage when they were having their period. The whole blood and being unclean thing was a cover up for PMS issues." I bet those women used to just "go native" for the week and kill/hunt animals by hand, ripping into the flesh like a wild animal, just to feel a little better and get the anger out.

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    Default Your greatest accomplishment.

    I couldn't think of the correct title, but this is what I am getting at. Like, my greatest accomplishment with my "new lifestyle" is self-control. For instance, like yesterday I was majorly craving some chocolate donuts. So I bought a pack, but just ate 2. I am so happy that I am able to control myself, whereas before I would have eaten the whole bag and not thought twice! It's not just doughnuts, either. Pretty much with everything.
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