Joining a Fitness Center
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    Okay, let me start off by congratulating you on wanting to improve your fitness and joining a gym...KUDOS girl.....I'm in my 40's and wish I worked out like I do now in my 20's..I'd be smoking...but better to have jumped on the gym rat wagon now than not at all..............................

    Okay about the nutrition thing at the gym. I know someoen who did this and she said it was very expensive and was basically a low carb diet......not anything she couldn't have done on her own, but they gave her incentive and knowing you are going to be weighed in (like at WW) makes you accountable to someone... Just be careful because these kind of gym programs love selling their shakes and supplements.....stuff that you don't really need or could buy cheaper at the health food store. I tell my clients to buy a protein shake , but one that is natural as possible......and you don't need a slew of supplements, start off with a good basic mulitvitamin and I recommend Omega fish oil capsules to everyone because that is something none of us is getting enough of in our diet unless we eat alot of fish like salmon.............Omega oil is good for our skin, our digestion and I truly believe it helps with weight loss.

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    I used to be a member of Lifetime, til I moved too far away. I loved that they had day care!
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    I am a member at Lifetime Fitness. I really enjoy going and working out there. They have ALOT of group fitness classes and lots of cardio machines and weights. I would call the gym and ask about a 2-week trial membership. Everyone is really friendly and I'm sure they will be able to accommodate you.
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    Do they have any kind of trial period. Many gyms do (usally 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the club). I've never worked out there I have recently started seeing commercials for them. I believe they may be new here in Atlanta area.

    People are different some do better at a club and some do better at home. I get lazy once I get home and seem to not work out -- of course I have every excuse in the book to not go to the I love swimming and I'm waiting for a new club to open down the street with a pool. Right now I'm just going to an outside pool after work and swimming. I agree about having a hard time getting started again.

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    Unhappy Joining a Fitness Center


    I seriously need to start exercising and have considered going to a gym called, "Lifetime Fitness." They also have a nutrition program for 3 months...anyone ever done this at a gym?

    Do most people here prefer working out at home or in the gym? I really need some realisitc pros and cons before I join, if I do.

    I just really need a motivator to exercise. I don't know why, but I just can't get myself to move. Its terrible. When I was younger is was fun, now that I just turned the big 5 0 it's frustrating because my body just isn't flexible or has the endurance it once had. Can people in there 40's and 50's ever feel like they did through exercise again? I know most of you are younger than me, but take my advice, never stop does get harder when you quit and get older. Actually it really S**KS!

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