Completely OT - Ranting, Raving Insanity!!!!!
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    I am completely speechless......

    All I can say is I hope you make damn good money to work that freakin hard.... and I know that it's not always about money. I too am on Salary... and it would be nice to carry the same work load as hourly paid.... I hope you get a REALLY good vacation.. incentive...something!

    You need a Martini!
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    I can't believe they even considered agreeing to look for another car-at his request, and want to provide him with a much nicer car on his demand! Yeah the driver was wrong in not telling, but he got the LR just like his. He should have to deal!
    As far as all the extra work goes-you are taking on a whole lot or responsibility that it sounds like the higher ups should be doing, or finding someone to do so you're not killing yourself. I've heard of companies going "all salary" so they don't have to pay OT, but its not right.
    Here's my spiel-its a holiday weekend. First, I'd make sure my A** was out the door at 5 tonite no matter what. It sounds like you and a few others deserve the long weekend! TAKE IT!
    This part I'd be sneaky about cause they'd try & fire your butt before you got it going. I'd make a call to the local union hall for the UAW and tell them you are interested in unionizing! It used to be they would send someone to talk about the benefits of the union, and if there was anyone interested, they could proceed. It used to only take 4 signatures to agree to form a union in a company-I'm not sure now since that was a few years ago.
    Anyway, all S**T will hit the fan. The drivers should already be UAW I would think. Either way, then you have the support of the union to back you up on the OT, working conditions, safety etc...I sure hope they aren't working their drivers like they are working you-that wouldn't be safe! But its not safe or healthy for you either. You need to take care of yourself.
    My hubby was in heating & air for years-just local companies for little pay. We got in the union about 9 years ago. It is a skilled trade that instead of paying someone with no experience $10/hr, he's trained and makes over $30/h with benefits-we have health ins., disability, local and national pension among others. It was one of the best decisions we made! I'm a big advocate, sorry.
    If thats not an option, I would advise you to stand up for yourself. Let them know that no one here is apparently capable of doing the things you do and going above and beyond. Tell them you want a raise or benefits, something to compensate for the extra time you are putting in. You have a life too, and it shouldn't be married to them b/c they want their lives after 5! Or I'd stop at 5 like everyone else and put it on the next days schedule!
    Good luck! Hope you have a better weekend!

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    Default Completely OT - Ranting, Raving Insanity!!!!!


    I work for a moving company, a rather huge moving company (anyone ever seen the big Orange trucks) I am the executive assistant to the CEO!
    This basically means I get to run this man's life (he seems to think executive assistant is the same thing as personal assistant, personal accountant etc on top of executive assistant, assistant to the VP, COO and everyone else with a f**king pulse in the building AND on top of that why dont you do all the HR work and staff management because the people I am paying twice as much as you to actually do that dont feel like it)

    The last week in June and first week in July are always really busy but since the company switched the entire staff to salary (I was ALWAYS salary) and cut the overtime at 5PM everyone flee's the building like its on fire. I understand them completely - why should you work like a dog and not get paid - company enthusiasm and TEAM spirit my as*......its usually the managers who are the first out the door....that is if they even make it through the whole day.

    So since last week I have been working 5AM - and this one guy in dispatch. I spend 5-8:30 in dispatch and then I rush through getting all my stuff done between 8:30-5 so that at 5PM I can go back to dispatch and continue to help this poor guy out since everyone leaves him by himself.

    In the middle of that there is the "Handle every problem that comes up" as the only "executive" member of the staff present. Even when the rest of them are present.

    A week ago a driver backed a container into one of our customers cars and damaged it - instead of telling the customer the "Upper Management" decided to ship the car and they werent going to tell the customer until the day before it was going to be delivered. They just forgot to tell the driver that so when the driver spoke to the customer and told him about the damage there were fireworks.

    I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday locating a Range Rover so that this customer wouldnt have to drive a different car while his was in the shop. I did it because it seems that of the 3 managers in the building I am the only one that knows how to use Google and a god damn phone! So I get him a Land Rover - its the SAME car save for a 6 inch difference in wheel base height. Costing us a bazillion dollars and then this ***** has the nerve to send this email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH AND FYI - he didnt send this email to me, he sent it to our Executive VP - who told the customer HE had secured him a is the email.............................

    Thank you for the detailed note. Only request is to secure a smaller vehicle other than the land rover. I have a strong preference for a nice sedan instead of the bulky-looking LR (for which I had owned at one time) given the client functions I have to attend on sunday and monday. Top choices: audi A6, jaguar xf, infiniti m, or lexus gs. Ideally in a dark blue or silver and navigation sys is critical.

    Now my Exec VP has the NERVE to tell me to try to arrange a new car. After I spend an entire day on this and end up staying here till 8PM on the FIRST DAY in 2 weeks I had a chance to go home at a decent hour just because I had to get my regular work done AFTER working 19 HOUR DAYS FOR OVER A WEEK WITHOUT OVERTIME PAY OR ANY ADDITIONAL PAY AT ALL!!!!!

    Lets not even mention the fact that I am basically treated like I am a friggin idiot most of the time because I have a Vagina even though I have more work experience, computer experience, schooling and degree's than over half the people in this damn building.

    Or that my boss tells me its my job to get involved in all departments, solve problems, manage the staff and make sure things are getting done but I am not allowed to give orders or direction because it might piss of the token department heads which FYI are 85% married into the family or directly blood related.

    Its time to start the job hunt. and FYI the forum wont let me type the word S...H...O...P...P...E...R
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