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    On a high note, imagine how much more comfortable the seat will be for you. You are getting so small!
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    That really does just bite. Sorry.

    My girlfriend with her twins and husband are flying from California to Orlando to meet us for a week at Disney in Orlando - and thankfully they too already have their tickets. I just sent her an email about info that was on CNN how to best fly and one of the tips was mail your luggage ahead, it's cheaper than allowing airlines to charge you. Hotels were actually accepting the packages etc.
    Crazy times.

    How old are your children?
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    AHHHHH, airline rape, I know it well. Ok, they cant make you change to connecting from direct flights unless your original flight has been cancelled. You can ask to be placed on another flight thats direct the same day IF your flight was actually cancelled. They will probably make a stink but they have to book you on the next flikght to your destination (which in some cases is connectring flights that are the soonest ones available.)

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    WOW!! That totally S.UCKS!! I have not experienced this but I have heard similar stories from other people. Sorry this is happening to you. I you don't allow this to upset you when the time comes to take flight. Try your best to relax and enjoy the time you are spending with you family.
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    Default OT - Anyone else getting "raped" by an airline????

    I could SCREAM! We planned our Disney trip back in April and paid for our airline tickets up front. The tickets were "issued" on April 21st. We were very fortunate and only had to pay $625 for all 4 of us to fly to Orlando. Now that the airlines have imposed the fuel surcharge (our tickets would now cost us $1800) they are trying to get more money out of us. They can't charge more for the tickets because they have already issued, BUT listen to the crap they are doing!!!!!

    While we were originally planned for direct flights, we now have to fly from Pensacola, FLORIDA to Atlanta before turning back around to go to Orlando, FLORIDA! How much sense does that make during a fuel crisis!!! I realize they want to go to a Delta hub to get more passengers, but seriously! We now have a 35 minute layover in Atlanta. If you have ever had to change planes in Atlanta, you know how RIDICULOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE that is! Not to mention that we are traveling with 2 small children!!! What was going to take us 1.5 hours direct to get to Disney, is now going to take us 5 hours! I was also warned by Delta that since our travel date is 8 weeks away, it could change AGAIN and we may have to travel from Atlanta to Memphis or Charlotte, NC before going to Orlando!

    And to get to the WORST part, they won't allow us any "free" luggage. NONE! They are going to charge us $25 for each piece of luggage AND since my daughter is a lap infant (didn't pay for a ticket) they are going to charge us $50 for anything we may take for her. This is FREAKING INSANE!!!!!

    Someone please tell me you are dealing with this crap too!!!!
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