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Thread: WTF?

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    The body is a very confusing thing .Congrats on the reading!

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    Hi Steph,
    Great news! You see, if your mind want, your body does

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    Default WTF?!

    Can someone PLEASE tell my body that I am a scientist and I need order and structure? I'm not sure how many read, but the last 2 1/2 weeks I've hit a plateau of sorts. I haven't lost any weight and I was getting so frustrated. i knew I was retaining the Atlantic but I couldn't seem to do anything natural about it. So I actually decided to go and get some OTC water pills just to see if I could get going again. Well, Monday comes and there's TOM, a full 7-8 days EARLY! I figured, great, more trouble for my loss. Here's when things get weird. I bit the bullet this morning and got on a scale, something I cowed not to do until I could feel less like a body of water. So there I am staring at the numbers and they moved...down...with TOM. I'm now completely and totally convinced that my body is just f*cking with my head!

    I should be really happy about the scale moving. And I will be when I can figure out the paradox that is my body these days.

    End of rant. Thanks for listening

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