Cardiologist appointment
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    Well what a relief to know that nothing terrible is going on with your heart. I have heard others say that they have been told to increase salt or sodium too. Sounds like we have been following the same diet plan for the past couple of days so don't feel bad about that. Glad everything went well. Give us an update next week after your monitoring is complete.
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    Default Cardiologist appointment

    okay so today i had my appointment. all they really did was take my pulse, blood pressure and check my heart. They weren't very concered about anything and said i'm dehydrated and i need more salt im not sure about all that because yeah i am on 1,000 cal. diet but i drink tons on water and only water but i will add a LITTLE more salt and water to my diet. but to make sure they want me to come back next thursday to put on a heart monitor and then come back the following day (friday) and check the results of that and go on the treadmil and monitor me and take a sonagram of my heart. So a lot of releif has been lifted. also i have been off of phen for two days now. today i ate crazy it's so hard. and i been having headaches. not sure if its from coming off of phen or not but im thinking about starting back on friday. just so i dont over do it while at the cookouts im going friday and saturday UGH i just hope i dont gain this weight back. but the plus of being off of phen is i GET TIRED lol i went to bed at 10 the first day off and its 10 now and i can hardly keep my eyes open. i kinda missed it!!! i been going to bed around 3 am on phen and getting up at 7

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