The Backwards Diet
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    I could probably do something similar. Medium breakfast, large lunch, small dinner. I am not really that hungry in the morning.

    I think that if you trained yourself with eating small dinners you may become a larger eater in the morning. Don't you think.

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    yes i heard of this but to make it less complicated just eat carbs for breakfast and lunch and do eat any carbs for dinner.

    dont worry about not being hungry in the am, by not eating any carbs for dinner you will be able to eat in the morning

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    I haven't tried it,as I am not much of a morning eater either.

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    i heard a doctor talking about this the other day..idk if i could do that b/c whenever I eat food in the morning I get sick.
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    See I have heard that and I want to try it! I am always starving in the dang morning. Esp if I go to the gym. I have noticed if I eat some protien and carbs in the AM, I am less likely to pig out at night. I should try this....
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    i know someoen that said thats how people eat in Jamaica.....they dont' eat big dinners like we hink it makes alot of sense, but i'm just not that hungrty in the morning.
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    I haven't heard it called this. But I have read something similar-
    Eat breakfast like a king
    Eat lunch like a queen and
    Eat supper like a pauper.
    It makes sense, but I think it would be hard to do!

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    I've never tried it, but I have heard of it. Many years ago, but have heard of it.

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    Question The Backwards Diet

    Has anyone ever tried this diet? You eat in the reverse order compared to how we normally eat.

    Breakfast should be your heaviest meal, followed by a medium lunch and ending with a light dinner. The idea is to eat the heaviest meal when your body is more efficient at burning calories, compared to eating a large dinner at night when your body will be at rest for 6-10 hours during sleep.

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