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    I love mine. I do the jogging, yoga and balance stuff. As an ex-aerobic/Pilates instructor I can honestly say that I haven't been as sore as doing the yoga on the Wii Fit. I love that it will show you your center and as you are doing the poses you have to try to center yourself. I love it!!
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    I'm picking up mine this weekend.

    I can smell 155!!!!!!!!!!!!:spider_red:

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    Maysmom.....I do the same thing (the waterpark and wave pool) I think swimming in the wave pool uses a calories.....I don't know for sure but it sure wears me out. lol

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    I have one and I love it!! It keeps track on your progress. The exercises are great. I really get a work out from it but my anarobic level is different. Meaning, since my body is now used to working out everyday... I sweat at the funniest things! Like vacuuming, washing the floor, walking. Before, I never sweat at any of those things. So when I do the Fit, I do it for 1 hr and 15 mins... nothing less, maybe more.... I make sure that I do 45 mins of cardio then go into the yoga or strength training (i alternate between yoga & strength training)... I love the diffinition that I am getting from it. Plus, like i said... If I would have started doing this at the beginning of my weight loss journey... I don't think I would have gotten as much benefit as I do now.
    But it's good, it's getting you active.... and i think that anything that gets you active it good!
    Hope this helps.
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    I'm the same way. The most I usually get is going to the waterpark and swimming in the wave pool..but I think that counts lol. Not sure how much excersise it is though, although if I don't have my youngest I will walk up the HUGE hills with the BIG floats and go down the slides a few times..leaves me outta breath but I'm good by the time I get to the bottom.

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    We have the Wii fit. My kids love it It's mild exercise while having fun. I do think that if done everyday it has some benefits-for instance the stretching exercises are good. And if it motivates you to get up and moving that is great b/c even just a little exercise is better then nothing. I personally have a hard time motivating myself to work out so the Wii fit just gives me another option.

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    Question Wii Fit experience

    I was thinking about getting a Wii fit this weekend, but wanted to know if anyone else had good results with it 1st. I have an Eye Toy for the PS2 but the camera has to be a certain distance away for it to work right with the Nike Kinetics program (I love it, but no room ) Thanks for any input as to wether its worth it, or just a money splurge that will collect dust

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