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    Well, you all have made me feel so guilty..lmao...I've not EXERCISED yet. When I first got back on Phen in May, I did a 5k walk with my students and staff at my school, and I was the ONLY person to complete the entire walk without stopping even to my OWN amazement... especially since I was the biggest person out there.....and my students were AMAZED as well.....lol......however, since then....my arse hasn't done anything...smh....lol...so, being that I have CABLE...I have absolutely NO EXCUSE!!! So, ima start watching these programs and get on the ball until I find an exercise partner. Thanks ladies!! As always some good information has gone forth.
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    i myself use the on demand with comcast and I love the waalking with the Sansone lady.. walking the pounds away. She has a 1 mile walk under in home walking on comcast I do it twice a day and I am hoping to see results due to I never excercised before.. I also increased my food intake because I wasnt getting enough calories!

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    I can't remember what the channel is called on my cable network but I love it too. We also have the channel "on demand". So I can play a number of different workouts whenever I have some time. If I am correct there is also a website you can visit, exercise tv . com. You can google it. On the website you can get free workout videos and you can also purchase videos starting at $1.99. And your right, now there is no excuse for not getting in exercise.

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    Default Exercise TV

    I used to hate exercising inside the house. It didn't seem like a real workout to me for some reason or I could always think of a hundred other things to do. Since starting phen I have discovered EXERCISE TV on comcast cable and I am in love! I think it's Fit TV on Time Warner. Whatever it is by your cable carrier it is well worth trying. Especially if you are like me and have a very tight schedule. I truely have no excuse for not getting in a work out at least five days a week.

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