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    Anyway awesome job on the weight loss!!! Very goooood!
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    Talking Update!! :)


    How is the summer treat you??? Mine is very good so far!! I am still in college! I just had to deal with the weather, which its was heat wave! No fun! ha! Expect I have an AC in my apartment!

    Anyway.. I am thinking to tell you what I was doing today...

    I went to Curves to follow up!

    Remember I told you that I have to work on my butt out of a chair since final exams were on my nerves! Ha! There was very good grades! High GPA!

    I noticed I have been improved myself to walk alot of miles I not expect because I loves to walk to burn the calories!!! I love WALK!!!!! My fiance and friends have been enouraged me walked alot! Then, I made my couple friends, they were WORN OUT that we have gone to walk more than an hour with HOT weather! They were WORN out! Ha! After this, I was mood to clean their VAN at 10 30 pm to do real details to clean in the VAN and washed! I felt GOOD! I not going to think any deal with my weight.. I all want to do my energy to be GOOD fit to make my body feels willing to lose the weight!

    I am telling you that I have not anything change of my body expect MUSCLE are going to building instead loss weight! I can feel my body goes well with firm to begin!

    Here is an information!

    Bust 46.50 to 45.00 (-1.50)
    Waist 36.50 to 36.00 (-0.50)
    Abs 51.25 to 49.25 (-2.00)
    Hips 51.50 to 49.25 (-1.50)
    Arm 16.00 to 15.75 (-0.50)
    Thigh 30.25 to 29.50 (-1.50)

    Weight from 230 to 219 (- 11 lbs)

    Fat Mass ~ lost 11 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy with my goal to get better improves! I am trying to get my goal to be meet at 200 or so before I gone to Germany on Aug 18 to Sept 17! I am so EXCITED! Also, gone to Paris, too!!!!!

    I am doing right now to drinks alot of water this summer and walk more than 10 miles!

    Hope you doing well with the summer and work out so much!

    Thank you!!!! Take care!!


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