losing weight on 3rd shift
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    Im taking Yaz while on Phen. No weight gain, no real side effects at all.

    But, you know the Yaz commericial where all the girls are jumping around and it helps with bloating and PMS. Well sorry, I still have the WORST pms every and im still all moody and bloated when im on my period...

    So, no worries, you should be fine. Its such a low dose.
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    Yea---ive blowwwnnn it this time
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    Default losing weight on 3rd shift

    HI! I started taking phentermine a week ago, and have lost 5 pounds so far but getting a schedule set between taking the meds, working out and eating is hard for be because I work 3rd shift 4 nights a week. Anyone have any tips for me on how to reach my goal working this awful shift??? If i eat during my shift its veggies but i feel like my metabolism is slowing down..

    Also i am just starting to take to BC pill YAZ, my doc told me that it shouldnt make me gain weight, but im wondering if anyone is taking it while trying to lose on phen, and if it has caused weight gain????

    THANK YA!!!
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    mini goal by 8-1-08 135 !!

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