Why doesnt Phen dissolve chunky arms??
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    For me my arms are the last thing that I lose when losing weight. You should try measuring them at least twice a month or more. It may be a small amount of loss but little is better than nothing.

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    They don't?? I was hoping my arms would shrink a little bit That is the second part of my body I want to change cuz I hate

    My doctor told me to make arms exercises (lifting weights); maybe you need to work out your arms as well.
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    LOL yea, aint that ****s! I brisks walk with arms marching up hi! I lost one inch around arm in one month!
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    your arms have than likely shrunk just not as much as you would have liked them to.... your just going to have to ad some curls to your work out to get them arms in shape
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    Default Why doesnt Phen dissolve chunky arms??

    Does anyone else feel that phen targets all body area EXCEPT arms?? LOL

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