Questions about exercise
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    welll, when ti comes to doing something that wont' put stress on your joints or in your case your heel spurs then I would suggest water aerobics or swimming, but i doubt you want to schlep to class or even be able to find the time after working in the restaurant all day............................................... ......

    resistance exercise is what helps you with FLAB my keeping the muscles challenged...pilates is great, so are the total gym machines, bow flex, about some resistance exercises on the resistance ball...they are cheap can do sit ups, push ups, all types of legs exercises....I really think that ball is one of the greatest inventions EVER...........

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    Thanks for the responses...I'm truly hoping that in a month or so and more weight loss that I'll feel like
    doing pilates...I've done them before and really had good results..but I was a few years younger and
    didn't work so hard all day long when doing it then...

    insearchofme - How often do you use your Total Gym? Still considering buying it even if I don't use it
    for a while..

    Raquel- That's a great idea...Thanks...and if the mental stress of "owning" the place didn't happen, I might not
    be needing this kidding tho, it is a very hard job but I absolutely love it...

    Again, thanks so much and now I'm off to search the internet for a recumbent bike and a pedometer!

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    I have a recumbent bike - and quite honestly I think it's the laziest form of exercise I can do. I mean you sit BACK (back rest) and peddle.

    Hey - also, why don't you pick up one of those pedometer things and put it on your waist to see how far you actually walk in a day - bet you will be impressed.

    My hats off to you, you do one of the hardest jobs ever.

    Good luck!
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    I have a Total Gym machine and it really is great. However, if you are not able to do pilates at this stage I am not sure the machine would be of much use. If you are not up to working out at this point just give it some time. You are already doing a lot at work, which will keep you from turning in to flubber.
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    Default Questions about exercise

    Let me start off telling you what situation I'm in and then I really would appreciate
    some advice or tips... This will seem like a book so please bare with me!

    I own a restaurant and I'm on my feet for 10 hours a day...I have heal spurs so
    being on my feet that long on concrete really makes for misery...That is my main
    reasoning for wanting/needing to lose weight...the heavier I am the worse my
    feet hurt...So, walking a couple of miles a day is out of the question for weight loss...
    I probably walk 10 or more miles a day as it is in the cafe..Altho, it's not the kind of
    walking one needs for weight loss..The pace just isn't fast enough!

    Also I'm so tired most days when I get off I don't feel like doing pilates or arobics or somthing of that nature...
    Hopefully once I lose 50 pounds or so I won't be as tired..I know that being so heavy is the main reason for being so tired...

    Do any of you know of some kind of exercise machines or some other things I can
    do to keep from turning into a flab monster once the weight starts coming off?..
    I've lost over 9 pounds in a week and I really need to start soon doing somthing...
    A friend of mine says he has a "Total Gym" that he'll sell me but I really am not sure
    if that's the kind of exercise I'll be faithful too..

    Any ideas would be so greatly appreciated...
    Thanks in advance,

    My starting face! My new do, 6 months later!

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