Any one have this problem with there
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    I think my hubby is afraid to say stuff too-- he has told me he never thought I was fat but I know that he sees a big difference, he just won't say so unless I ask either. His grandfather told him last weekend that he better watch out-- that his wife would be turning heads everywhere she went.. I laughed about it but it feels good to hear.
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    No - but I'd like to say I agree with your opinion of yourself. You do look good.

    I've been with my husband for 18 years and probably have had about that many compliments from him. Not sure why he is that way ... ::: shrug ::: But I can tell by his actions ~ if that isn't clear as mud .. anyway ...

    Previous husband would constantly lavish words on me, it got to the point it fell on deaf ears ..
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    I totally understand! I agree with Goth that he may not want you to think he didn't love the old you! But you are building a whole you and he can tell you how much he loves it! This change is for the good!

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    I have a problem accepting the compliments from my husband. He's always telling me I look great, I'm beautiful, etc. He's always complimenting me, and I just look at him and roll my eyes.

    The only thing I can think of is to ask him if he's afraid to say anything because it might be taken the wrong way. You do look great!

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    Default Any one have this problem with there

    I have lost almost 30 ibs and i look damn good if i don't say so myself and i know my husband thinks so too concidering our sex life has hit the roof and i catch him staring at me all the time but the only thing is i think he is afraid to tell me how good he thinks i look. He tells me he can see a diffrence and i look great but only when i ask.
    I think he is afraid im going to think that he didn't like me the the way i was before if he starts complementing me now because i would always ask him if my weight bothered him and if he wished i looked like i did when we got married and, , well you know the questions. He would always answer he loved me just the way i am and i was perfect .
    I would like some compliments from him but i think he is afraid . Anyone else have this problem?
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