For the long term Phen users....
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    I went off phen 3 yrs ago because we couldn't afford it any longer. I had successfully lost 55 lbs in 8 months, taking me from a size 18/20 to a 10/12. Unfortunately I also stopped exercising regularly because we had to cancel our YMCA membership the same month-same reason. I was ok and held my own for a few months, but because of the financial stress my former bad eating habits crept back in. It took me 3 yrs but I have regained 35 lbs again before I finally saved up the $$ to order more phen and get back on track last week. I don't know if I'm unusual or typical, I don't remember seeing this addressed before but I'm sure it was at some point. Good luck to you!

    Hugs from MN
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    Yes, I have gone off it several times.
    The side effects were: no racing heart, no dizziness, no shaking hands, no extreme thirst, and no constipation.
    I was fine. After a couple of weeks, the munchies hit you again so you have to watch out for that. You just keep doing everything you were doing before EXCEPT for those 15 seconds in the morning when you take a pill. I have been off for as long as 2 months. I didn't not gain any weight back. However, I also didn't lose much more either.

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    Question For the long term Phen users....

    Have you guys ever gone off Phen? If so, did you have a lot of side effects or withdrawals? Do you feel like it still works well for you now?

    I ask because I only know of Phen because a woman I work with took it and lost about 140 lbs in a year! I asked my doc about it and he gave me the **. I tried, tried, tried not to google it, but I did tonight and of course there is a bunch of terrible stories out there.

    Just another thing to stress me out! GHAH, I just ate some cheese curls! Someone reassure me!!! Please!
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    08/01/08 257.5 WTF?
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