So, my boyfriend I had when i was posting before.... well how should I put this... he just started bugging me. My ex, the only man I have ever loved had been texting me and yeah we all know what that means.

So we break up, I talk to the ex... decide I should NOT be talking to the ex and start dating this other guy. Now you guys remember I have a ton of tattoos all over, so Im not exactly 'normal' to the rest of the world. Well this guy is super normal. Normal family, normal history, so I say what the heck.... well that obviously didnt work hahahaha

So here I am... p i s s e d off at my ex, because im still not over him... hating everyone else who wants to tell me what I should be doing. The weekend, cause its not a 'business' day and I have to wait till Tuesday to get my phen. And everything else...

Ha ha ha.... glad I can always come back here and vent, even though i might have been gone a long time..