Should I change the dose?
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    Everyone is different. I personally didn't see good results with 37.5mg and have had significantly better results with the 30mg extended release capsules. Why did the doctor say you couldn't go back to 30mg? That is interesting to me. I would check with them and see what they recommend.
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    If you feel your current dose is not working, I say go for it. Also try changing your routine to see if you can get the scale moving again. Whenever I get stuck, I go to a strict low carb diet for a few days and it always works for me. Good luck.
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    I dunno. I can't decide whether to take anything, switch to a whole pill (I'm on the 37.5), or stay with half a pill. All I know is that I cannot seem to get these last 20 lbs. off.
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    I think u should try a stronger dose if the 30mg is not cuttin it for u. But since u don't have as much weight left to lose it WILL be harder. Congrats on ur weight loss thus far tho && good luck with wut u decide to do.
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    Default Should I change the dose?

    Hello everyone.

    i have been taking the 30mg phen off and on for quite a while. I often take it for a few weeks, then off a week. Now, I can't even tell I take them. Im still hungry, and it does not make me feel the way it used too. Im frustrated b/c not only have i sat at this weight for at least 2 months, but I feel like im wasting my time taking these.

    So, at the clinic they offer the 37.5mg. I asked the lady what I needed to do to try those and she said that I did not have to do anything, but once I start those I can never go back to the 30mg and that once those stop working there are no other options left for me.

    Im not trying to loose a significant amount of weight, I have lost the significant amount over the past few years. I am currently 137 from being 200 several years ago. BUT I would like to get down to 120. These last 17 lbs have been the hardest.

    What do you guys think, should i go for the 37.5?

    Has anyone had a similar problem and upped their dose, and then being successful with the higher dose?
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