A scare and a surprise
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    Glad everything turned out alright!
    Hi, I'm Roc & I'm on the weight loss rollercoaster as well as a 42 yr. old - mother of 3 year old twins. An entirely different rollercoaster
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    Yes I have had those issues with to much caffeine, especially once you count back on it. I started drinking 8 oz of caffeine a day, and then non caffeine due to fibroid tumors in my breast. Caffeine really makes them sore, and now if I have very much caffeine, my heart will race so fast, that I can not count HBper min. Also there are other meds that can speed up your heart rate, like thyroid meds. It is better to be under a MD if you have any problems like this. My MD prescribed it for me, and I am down 8 lbs in 3 weeks, but I am making sure I eat right so I go by WW online and that also helps.

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    Default A scare and a surprise

    I've been a caffeine addict for years. In the winter it's usually a few cups of coffee a day and in the summer I'll drink a Monster Lo-Carb energy drink once every day or two. When I was preparing to go on phen, though, I weaned myself off and decided the best course would be to only have (a bit of!) caffeine on days I don't take phen. I've had mild anxiety issues in the past and didn't want to aggravate that any more than necessary.

    Anyway, we got done rearranging the office yesterday afternoon and my back was killing me. Since I'd popped open a Monster that morning (drinking 3/4 of it over the course of 5 hours), I didn't take my phen yesterday. Anyway, I decided to take a couple of Excedrin Tension to relieve the pain in my back, not even stopping to consider that each tablet has 65mg caffeine in it - so a full dose (which I took) has a whopping 130mg. Add that to the caffeine I'd already had yesterday and I was close to 300mg...after not having had more than 150mg or so on any given day for the past 3 weeks.

    Within an hour my heart was pounding and I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. It would recede a little and then come back. Over and over this went on for about 5 hours. I was scared to death. I really thought I was having a heart attack or the onset of a stroke. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and asked my mom to watch the house so DH could take me to the ER.

    They hooked me up and monitored my heart activity for a while and did an EKG. The Dr came in and said that everything looked perfectly normal - BP was up when I got there (163/92?) but by the time we left it was 137/87 - and that the phen likely had nothing to do with the palpitations I'd been having. I almost asked him to repeat himself because every Dr I've talked to over the past month has been lamenting the havoc phen can wreak on your heart. What he actually said was "We give it out and it is pretty rare that it causes palpitations." He said he felt that that much caffeine in one day + having cut back so much on it + being on phen (even though I didn't take it that day) just overloaded everything.

    He actually told me that he felt the best thing to do was cut out the caffeine and stay on the phen! Color me surprised!

    The surprise is that this Dr's office is only 15 minutes from me and I believe he'll be willing to prescribe phen! Yay! (Going to call his office to double check) Certainly not the way I'd have *liked* to go about finding this out but.....

    The moral of the story? If you have anxiety issues and are on phen, don't drink/take a buttload of caffeine!!
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