I can't stop thinking about sex!
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    Enjoy the feeling of being hungry

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    Hope you feel better and SOON!
    Hi, I'm Roc & I'm on the weight loss rollercoaster as well as a 42 yr. old - mother of 3 year old twins. An entirely different rollercoaster
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    That is funny! You are a trip gal!!!! I need a massage too. I think I will get one before I go to California in a couple weeks. Since it will be a stressful trip, I should have one the day before I leave......
    7lbs to goal
    "Girls are like phones. We love to be held, talked too but if you press the wrong button you'll be disconnected!"~anonymous

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    LOL!! cute story ..

    i've been unable to focus on much else besides sex the past week ..... must be me telling myself something LOL!!
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    Ahh... I love my chiro!! But I've known him since I was 10 so ewe!! LOL.... now my FP Doctor... humina humina... LOL

    I hope you feel better!! Take it easy!!!! K...K...
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    Girl you need a man and fast......lol....my chiro. makes me feel good but i'm so not into him......i'll get my jollies fantasizing about someone else......

    you are so funny..but sorry to hear about your pain..get better soon!

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    LOL You know, I have been the SAME way this week! Crazy!

    I love any man who will "apply heat" and rub me! Bonus if he's hot and has Dr. preceeding his name!
    Amanda in AL
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    6/17/08-263 BLOATED! Blah!
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    Sounds like it's time for a little "one on one" time.

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    Default I can't stop thinking about sex!

    So I put my neck out or my shoulder out....hell I put SOMETHING out kickboxing Monday so yesterday I went to the Chiropractor, dragging my head behind me in massive pain and agony and sex was the last thing on my mind.

    Why did the chiropractor have to look so damn good???????? OMG he was massaging me, and putting heat therapy on me and rubbing me where a man hasn't rubbed in a loooooooooooong time! I apologized for moaning and he chuckled and asked what I did to myself. He said my C4, C5 and C somethin else were strained causing pain to shoot down my spine into my a s s and down my right arm, making it fall asleep. But I didn't even know I had a neck when I had my eyes closed and felt his hands on me. He's lucky I didn't take his cute young butt right then and there!

    God I adore chiropractors!!!!!!!! Wonder if he's single?

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