this might be a dumb ? about TOM but...
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    I had a miscarriage a year and a half ago and I know the hormone surges changed my periods for the worse for almost the whole time since. I also had a friend that GAINED a ton of weight within a few months and her body actually got so mixed up that she didn't have a period at all for like 8 months, until the doc put her on phen to lose the weight. I know that's not your issue, but maybe it's just the changing your body is going through. I've discovered almost anything will throw my tom off for months.
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    Default this might be a dumb ? about TOM but...

    i feel like my period might be different now since my weight loss? in the past i always had really light periods, but after my second child i had to have a c section and i got my tubes tied since i knew i didn't want anymore kids (one girl...2 year apart. enuf for me!) so, anyway i always heard after you get your tubes tied your periods are heavier, and it was definitely true for me. i never had cramps before, and i started having really bad back pains. but now.....30 pounds lighter i feel like it is twice as bad. i used to want to eat sweets all the time during TOM and normally i don't eat sweets that much. i still crave sweets, but in general i don't want to eat much. today i felt so bad i threw up a little bit.....i say a little bit cus i ate so little yesterday that there wasnt much there for me to throw up. my back was KILLING me and i was bleeding so bad i had to change twice cus i've never bled like this before so i didn't protect myself well enough or check often enough or was just way heavier than it has been. i wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that i'm a lot smaller than i was just 3 months ago. what do u think? am i crazy? maybe i'm just having an extra harsh TOM and it's a coincidence?

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