Does T.O.M. affect weight loss? (new user)
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    My weight loss never shows the week before and the week of TOM

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    Thanks for the responses. I guess I wont freak about the lack of weight loss for this week.

    B12 is supposed to give you energy. For some people it doesn't work but it sure as heck works for me.
    B6 ummm umm They have an explaination of what the different shots do in my docs ofice but right off the bat I can't remember what it does.
    hCG is supposed to help get rid of inches. Once again I forget exactly how it is supposed to do it.
    I swear I researched this stuff before I started taking it but I'm completely blanking right now, lol.

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    hi there! it really all depends on your body with regards to weight loss & tom. Some months I can lose weight while on my period, and then sometimes i dont. And im_ready b-12 shots are a type of shot thats given to people & its supposed to give you energy. A lot of weight loss clinics (like the one i go 2 ) offer b12 shots & the phen in a package. Also i know a few bariatric offices give b12 shots as well.
    The proof is in the pics!!! <3

    Starting over again!!!!

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    hey there I started on Monday also and it is also TOM for me as well. I believe the weight that you gain during this time will make your decrease in weight not show in full. Just the same if you werent taking Phen. I know I usually put on a few pounds if not more during this time.... I have a queston what is B12 shots and how does it work the B6 as well.

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    Question Does T.O.M. affect weight loss? (new user)

    O.k., so I started Phen-D on Monday. I am also taking a combo B-12, B-6, and hCG shot 3 times a week. It seems as though I have lost 2 pounds so far. Although, just start T.O.M. and was wondering if T.O.M. will affect my weight loss for this week?

    I have read other posts where it seems as though women either loss a minimal amount of weight that week or loss no weight. I have even read posts where some women just don't take Phen that week.

    Should I not count on a significant weight loss this week because of T.O.M.?

    Please help!!

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