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    Hi. I am no longer taking either, but my clinic also prescribed them. I took them at first, but then stopped. I didn't want to gain back water wt that I lost just because I was taking the water pills. I tried going on an off them, but there was literally a difference of like 5 lbs in one day..so that is hte main reason I stopped.

    Good luck
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    Default Water Pills

    My doctor also gave them to me. I take them twice a week and so far it looks like I have lost 29 pounds in three months. You should be fine if you are drinking lots of water everyday. Good Luck ! If you u need any advice or just want someone to chat with you can email me at thisisonecutie@a AOL .com

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    Default Water Pills

    Is anyone else on water pills with phen? the weightloss doctor prescribed them to me, and i've only take it a few times. I know that you pee alot, but is it also helping you lose weight? Should you make sure to drink lots of water with it? I didn't know if it was healthy to flush out all of the water in your body. Maybe it's just me being a blonde.
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