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    I know- it's boring to just say "ditto" but all the same, "Ditto."

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    Welcome aboard! I felt exactly the way that you do when I first started. I think I was expecting to "feel" so different, that I did not realize that it really was working. After a few days, I stopped freaking out about not feeling anything, and noticed that my appetite had actually decreased. Although alot of people actaully do feel differently when taking phen, that is not the purpose of this or any other medication.

    As for the hunger, stick with it. You will find a few days that it really is working. Kee[ drinking water. Make sure that you are eating good "clean" foods that help to keep you full longer, such as things containing lean protein and foods with fiber. Good luck on your journey.
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    Question New member need advice

    Hello everyone

    I started taking Adipex on June 19. My appetite did not change at all. I get thirsty alot. I drink lots of water. So, that's not a problem for me. I also had headaches for a few days. And I think it's all gone now. I also feel sad and different (moody). Anyone had the same problems. Should I stop taking it? It did not help with the hunger at all. I take it an hour before I eat. When I do eat, I still feel hungry. Please help. Thanks

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