Anyone have some sample menus?
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    i found the website called calorie count plus to be helpful when you're on a low calorie diet. you type in everything you eat.....and it tells you how many calories it is and gives you a grade based on the percentages of fat, etc. i've been on a diet of no more than 1200 calories and no more than 25 fat grams for almost 3 months now. a lot of the foods i eat include special k bars (strawberry) tuna with miracle whip on crackers (6) grapes...LOTS of grapes....and turkey...just plain old turkey. there is a brand called buddig. it's really thin sliced turkey that costs like 50 cents a pack! and the entire pack has 90 calories. i also drink an 8 oz. box of orange juice every morning....and drink nothing else but water. i started posting a daily food journal on here today that i am going to keep posting on every day (although today was not a good day 2 go by). it's called "my daily food journal" if you want to search for it......i don't know if you're THAT interested haha....but i've been pretty successful so far doing the low cal/low fat thing. good luck!!

    4-2-08 202.2 lbs SW (began b12/lipo shot 1 a week - no phen)
    4-9-08 193.6 lbs
    4-16-08 190.8 lbs
    4-23-08 188.0 lbs
    4-30-08 185.6 lbs
    5-7-08 185.6 lbs
    5-14-08 181.2 lbs
    5-21-08 178.8 lbs
    5-28-08 177.6 lbs
    6-04-08 176.8 lbs (stopped the shots. trying it on my own)
    6-16-08 175.6 lbs (went back to the shots today!)
    7-9-08 170.6 lbs (slowing down, but still going down!)

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    Default Anyone have some sample menus?

    I started Phen-D on Monday and the lack of information provided by my Dr. about a specific diet has me a bit mixed up. I am looking for a VLCD. Can anyone provide me with a sample of their diet? Or maybe a website that has some sample diets?

    In addition, for those of you who are utilizing hCG shots are you following the protocol specified in the book "Pounds & Inches"?

    I know so many of you here have had stellar results so far and I want to join the ranks. I would greatly appreciate all of your help. I do not want to waste this opportunity for lossing weight.


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