OMG!! You Camera hogs!
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    I was wondering if you were out last night because you weren't commenting... and you're the one that started all the photo madness from the get go!! You and your stars!! LOL!! Have fun with the new boy toy!!
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    In 2008 I lost 91 pounds, but I've gained it all back... so here I am, at square one, but not for long.

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    Look at you Miss Nikki! You're looking pretty damn fantastic yourself!! You look so happy! Keep up the great work.

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    Thumbs up OMG!! You Camera hogs!

    I just got the chance to logon ( I just got me a sexy new boyfriend... and i have been boo lovin alot and i see that there is PICTURE MADNESS going around!!!

    I will at some point this week personally go harrass your pictures but I wanted to let everyone know..... Yall look so d a m n fabulous!

    Misty and Lovemyboys.... sadly i must have missed the window to see your pictures!

    But again... YOU ALL ARE DOING SO GREAT!!!!
    Nikki - Looking to divorce, my BIG OL' BELLY!

    2/05/08 - 252 lbs (the evil truth)
    6/28/08 - 202 ON MY OWN!!!- Life after Phen

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