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    welcome! the doctor is not going to say you haven't have! my home scales are 2 pounds different than the doctor's scales and i bought them brand new, so that's normal.....but still! they aren't going to be off by 10 pounds...don't worry! i've always been able to lose about 20 lbs. and then it stops...but not this time. i think when it stops for a few days...we kind of stop....if that makes sense. it gets frustrating and you want to give up. this time around though i've refused to give up and i've made it well past the 20 lb. mark this time. sometimes it may stop for a week...two weeks...maybe even more, but when it does start back up again it will just keep on coming off so just don't give up! lots of us have gone or are going through a plateau so just come here when u feel like eating and u will do fine! don't even think of a plateau yet....just take it one day at a time!

    4-2-08 202.2 lbs SW (began b12/lipo shot 1 a week - no phen)
    4-9-08 193.6 lbs
    4-16-08 190.8 lbs
    4-23-08 188.0 lbs
    4-30-08 185.6 lbs
    5-7-08 185.6 lbs
    5-14-08 181.2 lbs
    5-21-08 178.8 lbs
    5-28-08 177.6 lbs
    6-04-08 176.8 lbs (stopped the shots. trying it on my own)
    6-16-08 175.6 lbs (went back to the shots today!)
    7-9-08 170.6 lbs (slowing down, but still going down!)

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    Thanks for the welcome. I can tell that a couple of my friends are already getting annoyed with my "no that has carbs" talk so I need somewhere to vent where people understand!

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    Welcome to the family ! Great job on your weight loss so far !

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    Default New to the Forum!

    Hey everyone! I am new here. I have been lurking a bit and posted once but am here to stay. You are all so encouraging. I have been very happy but overweight for a long time and I am just sick of this one element in my life that holds me back. I decided to post because I started Phentermine on July 14, 2008. I forgot to weigh on my scale at home before I went to the doctor but i always thought it was higher than usual doctor scales (although I could be wrong). So I am not 100% sure what I have lost but lately I have been weighing here at about 216 which if that is true makes me happy in like 11 days. I am paranoid I"ll go to the doctor and he'll tell me I have not lost. I will be so sad becasue I have been so so good witheverything!

    I am really excited that it appears to be working. I dont notice a huge difference but I really hope to soon. I am just worried that I will plateau at a certain point. That always seems to happen with me. i can lose 10 or 12 pounds and then it stops. So I may need some encouragement now and then.

    I have been eating less than 100 carbs a day and have religiously stuck to it. Today I had a small ice cream cone but I think it was the only thing with more than a carb or two that I ate all day.

    Anyways, i look forward to getting to know all of you gorgeous ladies. Just reading for a few minutes encouraged me so I need you guys to give me hope that it wont plateau and I can do this! I would love to be a size 12 by fall or winter!

    SW = 226.9
    CW = Not sure my first weigh in is 6/28 but my scale at home says about 216 or 217ish
    GW = 170

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