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    I will say more than one for you and your family tongight...

    I so hate Cancer it is the Devil itself!

    I dont think they can count work comp as your time missed...I would look into that soon...at least the post office you could not.

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    Default OT- my family needs prayers

    Hi everyone.
    If you all would find it in your hearts to pray for my Brother and Sister in law.
    Their daughter is dying. Dawn is a year older than me, she is from my SIL first
    marriage. She has fought cancer and its side effects for years. Today they
    moved her to hospice. Both her lungs colapsed and they had to do a trachiodmy
    on her. But today they will take it out. Im guessing she will just suffocate from
    not being able to breath. This is hard on my brother and his wife. Dawn has a
    brother who is severly handicapped. He keeps asking where his sister is. They
    told him she is working. He has a problems with grand mal seizures and they
    do not want to upset him. Dawn is tired and ready to go, but pray for my family
    for them to have strength after she passes.
    You know, my work is supposed to go by core values, integrity, understanding and
    caring. Well I went today, cried every 5 mins. Told my supervisor what was going
    on. She said, if I wanted to leave, to let her know. Later in the day, getting as
    much done as I could, I wanted to leave. They wouldnt let me. When I asked
    them for time off to fly back east. I was told I missed enough time at work.
    and I only had 16 hrs of paid time off. I had missed work because of a on the
    job workmans comp injury and a virus that had to keep me away from the
    hospital for 2 weeks last yr. All this is being counted against me. So basically,
    I dont have the choice to go or not to go. I go, I will probably lose my job.
    *Excuse my language, but I hate these Fu&^ers

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