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    Nope! I did low fat, ate all I wanted but all low fat and lost hardly anything. It all came back as soon as I stopped. Atkins-same thing. Calories counting- the same thing happens when I live my life with that mindset. I can, and will, warp anything if I allow it. If I ate only chocolate but stayed within my calorie limits, it wouldn't be too long before I started gnawing at my shoes from hunger. Thus ruining and pound progress I had made. Additionally, my body would also start rebelling because it wouldn't be getting the nutrition it needs to function. I'm guessing I would soon have brittle nails, lose hair, rough dry skin, constipation, lethargy, etc.... if I let myself do that.
    That's not to say I don't have a bit of something here and there when I really want it. I find it helps just to take a bite off hubby's plate. I'm sure it annoys the heck out of him, but it works for me.

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    I'll be honest.. I eat pretty much what I want, but within reason.. and I try to make "better" choices. But I don't deny myself a treat if I really want it. I have started exercising seriously lately, so I'm hoping to see some good results from that.
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    I tried that last summer and it iddn't work for me...although i was getting in 1200 calories i was eating whtaever i wanted and felt it was safe..I went around saying "well a calorie is a calorie'"..but you know if I don't get my fruits and veggies in I feel bloated (constipated) ...i wasn't losing weight either...the quality of the food wasn't what I needed to lose weight.....but that's my two cents, it may work for others.
    I did it!! Reached goal and have been here for quite a while thanks to low carb eating and working out like crazy! Phen didn't work for me, but that isn't to say that there aren't other ways. God bless all of you!

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    I don't know if that's possible for me personally. I have had to restrict myself a lot. If I went to Five Guys...there's no way I could not leave there without having like 2000 calories. I've pretty much stayed with the Lean Cusine paninis, 100 calorie packs and crystal lite...that's basically my diet. lmao.

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    I tend to do that with the exception of not overdoing it....
    I will have fries occasionally but will only have a small amount. I try to be very realistic with what i eat since i know for me personally since i have dieted in the past that i will never not eat another fry in my life.

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    Default has anyone??

    ate waht the want and still lost weight? what I means is that you still eat what you want as long as you dont go over your daily calorie limit ex 1200

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