Newbie with a questions
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    I would definitely tell your GP that you are on Phen. I know you are worried about what he will say, etc. but it's not right to keep information like that from your Dr. incase something does happen. As for telling the clinic, why not, just explain to them that you are on Phen now and the reason you are switching clinics. The first question my clinic asked is was I familiar with Phen and I told them yes, I had taken it before in the past and he said ok and went on with the exam.

    Good luck with your weightloss. Seems you are already on the right track

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    Thanks, Melinda00 and Thin4good. -Mick

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    Absolutely tell your doctor. Phentermien is only available with a prescription so remind him you are going to a weight loss clinic and you are being monitored. Metabolife was OTC so people did abuse it a lot. The ephedra was amazing and helped me, but I also saw people totally overdo it! I'm sure that's where his concern is coming from.
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    I would make sure that i told you doctor what i was taking. If you were ever in an emergency situation the hospital would call your doctor and if he doesn't know it could put you in a life and death situation. A lot of medications have bad reactions when they are in your system at the same time.
    You never know how the phen is going to effect you in the long run. You could have some medical condition down the road from the med that goes undetected because the doctor did not know about it.
    I am a nurse and a lot of deathes happen because people withhold info from there doctor for what ever reason. They are your doctor and they are there to do a job and with out all the info they can not do there job properly.
    I would tell my other weight loss doctor also. Phen is a controlled substance and it is watched closley. As well as the weight loss clinics. All they have to do is get on the computer and they can pull up weather or not you have ever had it perscribed to you or not. This is how a lot of people get caught and go to jail for going to diffrent doctors at the same time and getting the same scrips filled at difftent places. If you do not disclose all info and they find out you could be kicked out of the program .
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    Question Newbie with a questions

    Newbie with a few questions

    Hello! I'm a newbie who's been learking for about 2 weeks now. THANK YOU! I started Phen Tuesday, June 17th so I've been on it a week and have lost 10 lbs (I think, I weigh in at the office every month). Yea!

    Question #1: I have a physical coming up with my doctor. Do I let him know that I'm taking Phen? Do I list it as a medication that I'm taking? What are others doing, keeping the information separate? I took Metabolife (the good one that's off the market) and told him and he was very worried about me taking it and asked me to consider stopping. I'm nervous about telling him and think it would be easier if I don't. Oh, and I do need some blood work results to take back to the clinic before my 5th visit.

    Question #2: I'm going to be switching weight loss clinics to one that much closer. Should I tell new place that I'm already taking it? Is there a benefit to starting over?


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