back and arm flub. help!!
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    I tivo things on fittv that I can do, that helps when you need variety and don't want to buy DVD's. Also a great love handle cure is this:

    Hold broom handle above head, hands on each end (think of doing arms like a Y)
    Bend at waist, bring opposite side of broom handle to opposite foot (like right hand to left foot) or if that is tough, just move side to side but try to mainly move your upper body. Try to do 25 of those a day. It helped me!

    Also, if you have NO other exercise equipment in your house, please get a yoga ball and some 3-5 lb weights. They are SUPER cheap and very helpful. I used to sit straight on the ball, hold my weights (think like a boxing stance) and just punch to the left and right as many times as I could. This moves those love handle muscles as well as isolates your back, arms AND shoulders.

    You can also do some great crunches on the ball. Just make sure you keep the small of your back on the ball for the most affect and try not to use your legs to push yourself up.

    Also, lay in the floor on your back, put the ball between your feet and lift it up over and over, it will help your abs, butt and your legs!

    I LOVE my Yoga Ball!
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    You can also check out, they have videos of a lot of different exercises. There's one I do for what I "lovingly" refer to as my back boobs. Lay on the floor face down and extend your arms straight out in front of you... lift your arms and legs up off the floor at the same time, hold it, release, and repeat. It's helped reduce my back boobs from a D cup to a C cup... still working on it.
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    Hey girls, you can't spot reduce. Unfortunately, to lose fat you have to lose all over.

    However, you can gain muscle which makes flabby areas look more toned.

    I would STRONGLY recommend weight training. Even if you just buy one set of weights right now like a 5 or 8 pound set. Then as the reps get way too easy go up to a 10, 12, etc. YOu can buy these at Play it Again Sports.

    Also for good weight training exercises, I HIGHLY recommend the book The Body Sculpting Guide for Women

    I used this when I lost the weight last time and it totally helped me get toned.
    41 down 36 to go!

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    And don't forget about love handles! Anyone have a good workout to shrink those??
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    I would like to add the back fat...that bulges out from your bra!!!?!? lol how to get rid of that too?!

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    Default back and arm flub. help!!

    so im needing to excercise moves to help get rid of my arm and back fat. i do all the ones that videos and stuff suggest to get rid of my arm flub but if its happening its going SLOOOOOOOOOOOOWLY!

    does anyone have any good moves??

    also, back fat, how do i get rid of it??

    aaaand one last thing, anyone know a good way to work out and shrink the natural waist line?

    thanks in advance and to all of you posting pics, yall look gorgeous!

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