Got 2 questions...
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    Yes, you have to get your heart rate in your target zone in order to burn calories and fat. If I could lose weight by just sweating, I'd be anorexic looking by now living here in east Texas where the temperature gets up over 100 and the humidity is dang near 100 in the summertime. I sweat just walking out the front door sometimes when the humidity is way up.
    Here is a link where you can figure up what your target heart rate zone should be. I bought a heart rate monitor to keep up with mine while I'm working out. I got it for about 20 bucks at Academy. Here's the link for you:

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    Sweating during exercise is a good thing I believe, just make sure you are replenishing your body from the lost fluids so you don't become dehydrated. As for the Sun Chips, I've only tried them once (original flavor) and since has referred to them as wood chips cause it tasted like I was gnawing on a 2x4 Just be aware of the amount of sodium you are eating and keep drinking that water.

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    I got you all, thank you. I have been brisking walk, it just that I just got this pain in my hip somewhere I wasnt sure if it was from hysterectomy I had last Dec. Probably I overdo the brisk walking??

    -Raquel, now I understands why I sweats more that must be from phen!

    Thanks, y'all are great big help!
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    About the chips.

    What I would do is calculate the calories you consumed and there will be your damage in black and white.
    Adjust accordingly.

    Sweat - ever see a person just sweat because they walked from their car to a door? So I doubt sweating has anything to do with losing weight.
    Remember to replinish with even more water
    I will say this - being on Phen as made me sweat even more so, I can sweat, working out or just doing chores.
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    I agree with Melinda. Sweating doesn't equal weight loss. You have to get your heart rate into your target zone. The best way to monitor this is with a hear rate monitor until you're used to knowing what you're "zone" feels like. You can google "target heart rate zones" and find all sorts of info that will tell you how hard your heart has to beat to burn fat.

    As for your 2nd question. It depends on if it was a single serving or a multi-serving bag of chips! The single serving bag has 210 calories, 6 grams of fat and 19 carbs and 2 grams of fiber. The important thing when looking at things that say "whole wheat" or "multi grain" is to look at the carbs vs. the fiber. 19 grams of carbs to 2 grams of fiber is not a great ratio.

    It takes 30-35 minutes of walking at 5 mph to burn aprox. 200 calories. So your 45 minute walk probably made up for your sun chips (if you were eating the small bag) If you ate a larger bag, you might have consumed more like 600-800 calories. Which means you probably didn't have a calorie deficit today.

    It takes a deficit of 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat. I hope that helps.
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    Emmm....Multi Grain Cheddar Chips...My favorite! I feel bad when I eat anything, ever since I've been watching what I eat. Good Luck!

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    just because you sweat does not mean you are losing weight. you are just overheating and losing water.
    You have to work out and move more to burn fat. You just need to burn more calories than you take in.
    url=] [/url]

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    Default Got 2 questions...

    Hello phen friends!

    I got two questions I need to know...


    Whatever you excercise no matter hi or low impact, you sweats that means it is losing weight?? You see I walked slowly 45 mins today due to hurt in my hip joint I dont know where it come from?? Anyway in this heat close to 90F I sweated alot and drink iced cold water Mon to Fri at noonish (my 1 hour lunch break from work ) so that is a good sign I sweat that I loses some weight?

    Sun Crisp Multi-Grain Chips

    Last night I ate 3/4 bag of it! I couldnt resist it, it so good! (cheddar flavor) Later I felt bad I ate this much.. That wont hurt it afterall it is multi-grain??

    Thanks Darlings!
    What I want for Xmas is... an Onederland!!!


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