"Seeing" your own weightloss in the mirror?
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    I wonder if, those of us who have always struggled with our weight, will ever really "SEE" the weightloss. I think back to times in high school where I was an athletic and fit size 6, and felt like a giant. I look back at several times throughout the past 10 years where I felt "HUGE", but realize now that I wasn't. I'm not sure if I'll ever really see myself as thin.
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    I don't see a difference, but everyone else does. I've lost 45lbs. Started at a size 24 and am now an 18.

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    I really dont "see" a difference. Well sorta.. I mean if I look at pics from thanksgiving & how fat i looked then..but i dont think i'll notice a HUGE difference until i get back into the 190s& my size 16s lol
    The proof is in the pics!!! <3

    Starting over again!!!!

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    I can't see the difference in myself i agree with goth it is like a syndrome no matter how small i get. Because when i was 150 lbs and 170 lbs i thought i was big the last time i didn't think i was big was when i was like 120 lbs.
    But i kind of agree with Oprah when i started losing i was 202 and now i am 182 and i went from a 16 to a 14 to a 12

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    If Oprah said it, then it's got to be true! LOL

    However in this or rather *my case. 10lbs does not mean a pant size - BUT this is the reason - the larger I got .. I wore pants with elastic or I'd just keep wearing my size 18's WAY past the time I should of. So losing 10lbs didn't change my pant size, then at 20 ... I could comfortable fit in my 18's but now at 30lbs I'm down to a easy 16.
    And YES you will see changes easier the smaller you get - you'll be looking more and more !
    (the heavier I was the more I didn't look in a mirror)
    Hi, I'm Roc & I'm on the weight loss rollercoaster as well as a 42 yr. old - mother of 3 year old twins. An entirely different rollercoaster
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    In my case, I have always had fluctuating weight anywhere from 250 to 175. The weird part is that I NEVER saw any difference. When I was 175 in a 14, I looked the same to ME. I think it is mindset. As big girls we are put down and walked on all the time (even when we don't know it) so we get into a mindset of negativism about our self image. I am hoping that once I break that self image then I will see the changes. That's my hope anyway... 10 lbs is not one pants size...
    Get thin and God Bless! Gina

    I swear I'm trapped in that body somewhere!

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    I went from 220lbs to 160lbs and never did see the diff. in the mirror. To me I still looked the same. Now I'm back up to 197lbs and still see the person that weighed 220lbs. It's the same syndrome that anorexics have when they look in the mirror.

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    I can't see any difference when I look at pictures or look in the mirror. So far, I've lost 25 lbs since March and still nothing. Other people say they can tell, I just always think they're being nice because they know I'm trying to lose....

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    I started out at 193 and now im down to 168. I started seeing a diffence in the mirror after the first 10 ibs. I am only 5 foot tall though so 10 ibs on me looks like a lot. I have went from a size 16 to a size 12. So for me the oprah thing is pretty correct. I think it all depends on how tall you are and how much you have to lose and where your fat deposits are. Everyones body is not the same so i wouldn't say that 10 pounds = 1 size for everyone.
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    I have lost 16 pounds in 1 month. People tell me that they can see a difference, especially in my face...but I just dont see it. Im sure it where I see my body everyday, so it never really changes to me. But I have noticed a Huge change in the way clothes fit! I have went down a pant size, and now this new size is starting to get baggy! My stomach has seen to shrunk the most, because shirts are fitting me much better now than before!

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    i don't think you see the difference easier when you are smaller.....not that i am small. but when i started at 202....i didn't see a difference when i was 180! and now i don't see much of a difference now that i'm 168! i don't see it when i look at myself because i see myself every day so the change isn't noticeable.....but when i look at pictures i'm like wow!......and my pants literally fall off of me, so i know i'm losing....but everyone no matter the size deals with it. i reccomend taking pictures to everyone. it has motivated me so much to keep going.
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    Default pant size

    no-10 pounds did not make me change pants....20 did. i am short though.

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    Well I am by no means a small person- never have been, never will be I am sure.
    At about 193 when I could no longer really fit into my size 14 pants and refused to purchase but one pair of size 16s. That is when I said no more. In about a year I got down to 188 and was still not happy baout my self- although my 14's fit better!
    That is when I started hitting it hard core- in febuary of this year. I am now at 160-158 and have been stuck there for over a month!! This week I am trying a week off from the phen in hopes next week I can get passed this mark. So I have lost a total of about 25-30 lbs. I can now fit inot some pants I kept that are 10's. But like most people when I look in the mirror I can't tell. I can tell in the pants- just not when I look at my self. My Mom was all over me from day one about my weight- she is a size 2. So I almost think I have a frame of mind set that I will always be the "fat" girl!! LOL!!
    So no 5lbs doesn't make a diff on me!! The oprah thing seems to be close...

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    i think it just depends on your body. i went from 161 to 156 and see nothing lol. i can feel it a little because my legs dont rub together as much lol but thats about it.

    on the pants thing... idk. i can fit into what i call my half goal pants. awhile ago i cut the sides because i wanted to wear them but they didnt fit. now they fit, but i have some pants that are like the same size just not cut up and they dont fit yet but i think they will inanother 5 lbs...

    soo.... i think it just depends on your body and how you lose.

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    I think you are right on the first part, but Oprah needs to check her facts again. If that were true, I should be down 3 1/2 sizes! Nope... I wish.
    Keep on Keepin' on!

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    I think you are probably right. A small amount of weightloss is more noticable for a smaller person. I don't notice a difference when anyone loses 5 lbs though. As for what Oprah says; when I started dieting I was around 180 and still wearing maternity pants. Since then I have went down two sizes and lost 40 pounds. So that wouldn't apply to me. People lose weight in different areas so that may be the case for some.
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    I don't know about the pant size... I hope though! hehe
    I've went from 166 to 159 and I haven't noticed anything...hopeing to notice a change soon :-)

    June 16th ~ SW 166

    July 16th ~ CW 155 ( -11 )

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    Question "Seeing" your own weightloss in the mirror?

    Lately I've been reading a lot of posts about people that don't really "see" their progress when they look in the mirror and it kind of got me wondering why that is. I mean, I've totally been there. I see the scale move, but I don't see much of a difference in the mirror with a pound here and a pound there. But I was thinking that when I started at 307 pounds, each pound was a much smaller percentage of my overall make up... so it makes sense that if you're going from 150 to 145 the loss would be a lot more noticeable than someone going from 307 to 302. Does that make sense? So now that I'm getting closer to "Onderland" will my results show more and more quickly with each pound? When do you get to the point that 5 pounds makes a HUGE impact on the way you look?

    Another question... Oprah says that 10 pounds is equal to a pant size. Do you think that's accurate when you compare it to your own loss? I'm just full of questions today!
    SW: 307 LBS 9/16/10.
    In 2008 I lost 91 pounds, but I've gained it all back... so here I am, at square one, but not for long.

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