OKay soooo if Nikki can post star/boob pix *ya know i love ya, * and misty can do the underoo pix then i should be able to post my lingerie... cuz i aint strippin to my drawls i aint got them kinda ballz yet heheehee... sooo these 2 chicas inspired me to do it... and hopefully the next time i post they will look tons better

the first pix was taken april 6th i dont remember @ time how much i was down.. sorry
but i have had this outfit for like 2 yrs now and NEVER wore it YET! but you can see from then to now how much my BOOBS have shrunk and if u notice the mirror pix one (april) the lower half of me how my hip fat is being pushed out and over lol... its alot better this time and the top actually fits really good now before i had to have hubby help me SQUEEZE into it... this time i set up autotime on camera and buttoned top myself soooo anyways... i dont feel absolutely comforable posting these pix but. im not comfortable weighing 206 lbs either soooooo... maybe once i hit 180 or so i can post another update... hopefully this will b to big!